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Homestead Weaving Studio, LLC

The weaving studio is  open by appointment. You can visit if you confirm by phone or email to be sure we are going to be here. 

We are not taking part in The Back Roads Studio Tour scheduled for the month of October, 2023, but will be open most days from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Thank you!

Weaving with an environmental conscience, making rag rugs
that are soft, wonderful and RECYCLED!
We can ship most of our products using the shopping carts on the website. If you want to purchase something that doesn't have a PayPal button, email us.

View the selection of new rugs in our
Recycled Rug Gallery
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Need a quick, thoughtful gift that's unique and easy to mail? Have you seen our Mug Rugs?
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Weaving and spinning supplies;

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Floor Looms, Potholder Looms,
Cricket & Flip Looms, and spinning wheels

Cone yarn, knitting yarn, rayon chenille

Studio News -
Classes and day instruction given
 on the rug looms. Cl
asses run throughout the year as weather permits so inquire if you're interested.
 We keep several looms warped and available for make-and-take activities. Read what some of the students have said.

We have added a Paypal shopping cart to our site.
Here are the pages with recent changes:
Clothing - Shawls, wraps, ruanas, scarves
Rugs for Sale - New rugs
Closeout Rugs - Rugs and scarves

Mug Rugs!~ Great gifts
Potholder Loom Kits - Great fun for all ages!

How-to-Kits (Beginner Kits for Weaving, Spinning, Tatting, Knitting, etc.)
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Brown County, Indiana

Möbius Shawl in Bamboo ribbon

Möbius Shawl in rainbow colors


   Fine hand-woven items and quality supplies since 1968
Homestead Weaving Studio LLC produces high-quality hand-woven rugs, clothes, throws and scarves.  Chris Gustin is a fiber artist who takes recycling seriously at her studio in Brown County, Indiana.
Her unique recycled rugs turn industry excess into contemporary fiber art for the home.

Here is a video of the Kenyan weaving project from June/July 2013

New projects: There is a rainbow of new Möbius shawls and scarves, traditional rayon chenille scarves, and other clothing, and a studio full of Shaggy Chic rugs and colorful cotton rugs made from SolMate Socks.

The studio includes a "loom room," with six looms set up for towels, rugs, and fabric. We are open 11 to 5 most days.
We are in the middle of "Nowhere" so please call to confirm that we will be here before you make the trip.

All times of year are by appointment and at the mercy of the weather.


Click picture for info on our unique sectional warping system that works on almost every loom without the use of a tension box.



Chris Gustin & Bob Gustin
Homestead Weaving Studio LLC
6285 S Hamilton Creek Road
Columbus, IN 47201
(812) 988-8622

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Homestead Weaving Studio's Privacy Policy:

We respect the privacy of our customers. We would NEVER sell (or even trade) your personal data to any third party and we commit ourselves to the highest standards in its safekeeping and use. If you wish to pay for a transaction with a credit card, we will provide you with a number to call. Thanks for putting your trust in Homestead Weaving Studio.

This page was updated September 2, 2023.
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Yes, we're cat lovers.

Smitty, Andy, and Ahbe ... we miss them!

Sassenach aka Sassy
Adopted Feb. 2020

Buffy, official greeter and great studio cat
Adopted us in 2018

Piper Sue, adopted in 2017


Sassenach aka Sassy
Adopted Feb. 2020


Amigo/Meegie, poster cat for the Brown County
Humane Society Capital Campaign fundraiser.
We called him the million-dollar cat.

Adopted in 2017, passed away September, 2020.

 (the website, not the studio!)

Igity, Andrew's cat

Pike, world's greatest studio cat, adopted us in 2001.

 Smitty, rug inspector

Black kitty,  1997-2014

Feb. '98 - June, '01

Camus - 1986-2006 

(the website, not the studio!)