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 Baby Wolf loom LOOMS and EQUIPMENT
Beautiful Schacht Spinning Wheel

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Timestamp Name Picture Sell / Seek Type Brand Details Location Price Condition Description Contact Email
8/14/2019 Carol Thomas Selling Loom Gilmore Jack Floor Loom width: 46", harnesses: 8 Loudon, TN 3000 Excellent 54" 8 Harness Gilmore Floor Loom. Price includes Gilmore Bench;warping board;warping reel;4 reeds;6 shuttles with extra bobbins; bobbin winder;lease sticks. piute1961@charter.net
8/14/2019 Valerie Gunsalus Selling Loom LeClerc width: 60", harnesses: 4 Beachwood, New Jersey 850 Good LeClerc 60" Nilus counterbalance floor loom with storage bench. 4-harness, assorted sized extra reeds, boat shuttles and bobbins, lease sticks. Pick up only. VALJEANBG@aol.com
8/14/2019 Shelly Thompson Selling Loom Glimakra width: 27", harnesses: 8 Torrance, California 1000 Very Good I have a 10 year old 8 shaft 8 treadle (8X8) Glimarka Julia Countermarch loom that has been well loved and taken care of. She has a 26" weaving width and a foot print of 32"X32". I purchased Julia when I had very little room for a loom. She is a workhorse and weaves beautifully. I am letting her go because my kid moved out (yippee!) and I have room for a larger loom. 8X8 Julia's cost $2000. new, I am asking $1000. southbaybeachbum@gmail.com
8/14/2019 Debbie Mulsow Seeking (want-ad) Loom Macomber width: 24 to 32", harnesses: 4 Emporia, Kansas 500 Very Good Looking for a baby Mac 24 to 32 inch weaving width in good condition 19quilter55@gmail.com
8/14/2019 Pattie Lamb Selling Loom Schacht width: 26", harnesses: 8 Cary, NC 1999 Very Good 26" 8H Cherry Baby Wolf & Bench, $1999. This loom has it all! Schacht cherry bench & bench bag. High castle tray. Stroller. Wolf trap. Double back beam. 12-dent reed. Cloth aprons. 22 years young, it is in beautiful shape and was recently given a good cleaning and a fresh coat of oil. Located in Cary, NC. ​Pick up only. Cash or cashier's check accepted. Contact Pattie Lamb, lambweaves@yahoo.com. (I can email you pictures). lambweaves@yahoo.com
8/13/2019 Lauren Benson Selling Spinning Wheel Lendrum width: , harnesses: Hernando, FL 600 Excellent Like NEW Lendum double treadle folding spinning wheel. Includes: Bag, Woolee winder with 4 bobbins, Standard head with 3 bobbins, Plying or oversized head with 1 bobbin. lauren.christopher@ymail.com
8/13/2019 Deborah McGlew Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45", harnesses: 4 Newport, NH 500 Very Good Leclerc Nilus in great condition. Never been stored, weaves beautifully. New heddles, brake, reed. Includes bench, warping board and extra tools. My favorite loom for oh so many years... then decided to upgrade to more shafts. Unfortunately, not enough space for them all. Pick up please. call or text. weaverdeb@tds.net
8/11/2019 Renee Laffey Selling Loom Glimakra width: 48 inches, harnesses: 4 Roseville, California 1200 Very Good 47 inch/120 cm Glimakra Standard Counterbalance loom set up with 4 shafts; 6 treadles. Full details and photographs can be viewed on the Glimakra USA website under used looms listings. This loom can be upgraded to 8 shaft countermarche. rlaffey2@gmail.com
8/11/2019 Kathy McAnally Seeking (want-ad) Print winder with yardage counter AVL width: , harnesses: Tulsa, Oklahoma 1 Very Good No description rnrhandwoventreasures@gmail.com
8/10/2019 Chris Gustin Selling Loom Gunnar Anderssons/Glimakra width: 150cm/59", harnesses: 12 Columbus, Indiana area 2100 Very Good Gunnar Anderssons Swedish loom, 59", 10 harnesses currently set up for 8H, 8 treadles, 8 dent reed. Gunnar Andersson was the predecessor to Glimakra looms and the looms are very similar. This one is in very good condition and equipped with a specially-made 2" sectional beam using dowel pegs instead of metal loops ($400+ value). Has Texsolv heddles, bench, and equipment to turn into a counterbalance loom. I have owned this since the 1980s and just finished a rug (shown in the picture). I have also woven blankets on this loom. Too many looms, too little time. A new one would run over $5500. Pick up only, cash only. No scammers, no shipping. Loom is currently assembled but will easily knock down for transport. chris@homesteadweaver.vom
8/9/2019 Ruben Marroquin Selling Loom Schacht width: 10 and 15, harnesses: 2 Bridgeport, CT 160 Very Good Schacht Cricket Loom on 10 and 15 inch weaving width. Excellent condition and comes with a 3 to 5 yard cotton, bamboo or linen warp! Also included 2 flat shuttles and assorted yarns. 12 dent reed rigid heddle. 2 clamps for table set up. Ruben@marroquinruben.com
8/8/2019 Diane Franklin Selling Warping Mill LeClerc width: , harnesses: Jamaica Plain (Boston), Massachusetts 180 Excellent This is the table model warping mill. Pictures can be seen on the Leclerc website or by a request to me. The warping mill retails now for $275. I no longer weave and would like to sell my remaining equipment. I would prefer local pickup but I'm willing to ship if the buyer pays the shipping and insurance costs. diane.franklin@gmail.com
8/8/2019 Diane Franklin Selling Loom Bench LeClerc width: , harnesses: Jamaica Plain (Boston), Massachusetts 375 Excellent This is the 38" loom bench with storage in the seat. Pictures can be seen on the Leclerc website or by a request to me. The loom retails now for $525. I no longer weave and would like to sell my remaining equipment. I would prefer local pickup but I'm willing to ship if the buyer pays the shipping and insurance costs. diane.franklin@gmail.com
8/2/2019 Maura Stone Seeking (want-ad) crank for warp beam and brake release lever Newcomb Studio Loom width: , harnesses: Santa Fe, NM 1 Adequate Newcomb Studio Loom warp beam crank; Studio Loom warp beam brake release lever snmstone@gmail.com
8/2/2019 Theresa Ryan Selling Loom Macomber width: 40", harnesses: 8 Wingdale, NY 3600 Very Good Macomber Type B Ad-a-harness, 40" 8-harness, 10-treadle loom. New cloth aprons, 3 new stainless steel reeds (8, 10, and 12), 400 new stainless steel inserted eye heddles, weaving bench. Overall dimensions: 37" deep, 52" wide, 50" high. I have woven hundreds of items on this workhorse of a loom. $3,600. oblongstation@gmail.com treese1024@optimum.net
7/30/2019 Susan Z. Conover Seeking (want-ad) Glimakra Band Loom Glimakra width: , harnesses: Middlefield, OH 1 Good In search of a used Glimakra band loom with wooden or aluminum ratchet system ... I'm not interested in the newer model which has black stamped ratchets. szc@conoverworkshops.com
7/28/2019 Sue Brown Selling Loom Louet width: 35 inches/90cm, harnesses: 8 Glens Falls, NY 8000 New Louet Octado with Computer Dobby, Sectional beam & Bench-New- $10k value. Purchased in 9/2018. Buyer pick up only. sbee567@aol.com
7/26/2019 T mas Selling Loom LeClerc width: 36, harnesses: 4 Manhattan,NY 850 Needs Work The loom was deep cleaned from layers of dust and is priced to include cost of new/never used heddles($52), 12 dent reed ($102), break circle & spring ($43) boat shuttle($46), bobbins ($17), rods ($20), 36" lease sticks ($21), warp sticks($30), treadle hooks and cords ($17), and 2 aprons from Camilla Valley Farm ($81.50). More than $400 worth in new parts and accessories . tiffanylaurenmason@gmail.com
7/24/2019 Chris Gustin Selling Spinning Wheel Dutch width: , harnesses: Columbus, Indiana 380 Excellent Wonderfully conceived saxony spinning wheel with accessories by Dutch wheel builder Merkelbach. Has a single treadle, four wooden bobbins, a skein winder on the back. It's delightful to have everything as part of the unit. I've owned it for about 15 years and spun on it many times. Cash only, pickup only in Brown County, Indiana. chris@homesteadweaver.com
7/24/2019 Holin Kennen Selling Spinning Wheel Rick Reeves width: , harnesses: Evansville, WI 900 Excellent De-stashing my wheels. I bought this wheel in about 1990 or thereabouts - before Rick sold to Schacht. It was one of the last group of wheels he made "in house" before the sale to Schacht. I have used it only infrequently, as I prefer my 24", so it is in virtually new condition. Non-smoking home. Comes with the original distaff, three bobbins, and a Reeves Bug tensioned lazy kate which I acquired later. toholin@gmail.com
7/23/2019 Trina Holden Selling Loom dorset width: 23, harnesses: 4 Kerrville, Texas 500 Excellent Lovely mini loom for those who want the capabilities of 4 harness without a huge footprint. Comes with three reeds of different dent width and extra heddles. Delivery available within 60 miles. trintjerenae@gmail.com
7/23/2019 Trina Holden Selling Loom Norwood width: 48 inches, harnesses: 4 Kerrville, Texas 1000 Very Good Cherry loom, 4 harness, 48 inch weaving width with extra reed, sectional warp, and other extras. Good shape, delivery available within 100 miles. trintjerenae@gmail.com
7/22/2019 Barb Gallagher Selling Loom J-Made width: 60", harnesses: 12 Guilford, Indiana 2400 Excellent Beautiful loom in great condition. Loom comes with 12 shafts (but all don't need to be installed). Includes 4 stainless steel reeds, 1 raddle, 1 standard plus 1 sectional beam (both can we used simultaneously) and a bench. Loom has worm gears for front and both back beams as well as a treadle lock. Loom is in my studio - works great, just needing to make room for a different loom. weaving@etczone.com
7/19/2019 David Danehower Seeking (want-ad) Loom Macomber width: 56", harnesses: 12 Stamford,CT 3500 Good Looking to purchase a used 56" or 64" Macomber type B floor loom with at least a 12 shaft frame and in fair to excellent condition. Will spend up to 5000 + $ davedanehower@gmail.com
7/19/2019 MEGAN MAURICIO Selling Loom SAORI width: 26 INCHES, harnesses: 2 CANTERBURY, NH 1000 Very Good Saori loom comes with warping board and container of yarns valued at 100+ dollars. Sold as is. Additional photos and video are available upon request. MEGANWAITE82@GMAIL.COM
7/18/2019 Chris Gustin Selling Loom unknown maker width: 15, harnesses: 2 Columbus, Indiana 50 Very Good Rigid heddle loom, 8 dent reed, good condition. I have added a tie-on rod to the front bar. Unsure of maker, but very functional for starter loom. Can disassemble and ship at buyer's expense. chris@homesteadweaver.com
7/15/2019 Andrew Boos Selling Loom J Made width: 45, harnesses: 4 Brooklyn, NY 700 Good Very sturdy J-Made loom. I have used this for several years to make tapestries and rugs but I have now have a bigger loom and need to make room. Currently has 4 harnesses but has room for 8 more if you want to build the additional parts. 6 treddles. All pieces come apart for easy storage except the castle. Some pieces need some love and care but this loom has many years of life left in her. Comes with 1 reed and some heddles (not sure how many there are). andrewjamesboos@gmail.com
7/10/2019 Robin Murphree Seeking (want-ad) texsolv 9.5" /237mm heddles Mountain or other width: , harnesses: Mt. Morris, NY 1234 Good 200 or more texsolv heddles in good or better condition robree56@gmail.com
7/10/2019 Suzanne Roden Selling Loom Union width: 36 inches, harnesses: 2 Chico, CA 350 Good I have had this loom for about six years intending to make rag rugs...I have never started the process. It is time for this lovely loom to find a home that will use it. suzanneroden@netscape.net
7/7/2019 Christine J Perkins Seeking (want-ad) Parts for the Little Dandy Loom Reed Weaving Company width: , harnesses: Westerville, Ohio 200 Good ISO of parts for Little Dandy Loom by Reed Company. I am missing the Castle. If you have a old one only good for parts please reach out. Any help, advise or direction would be wonderful. perkinscj54@gmail.com
7/6/2019 Paul Koerber Selling Loom Glimakra width: 100cm (39"), harnesses: 4 Asheville, NC 2500 Very Good Glimakra 'STANDARD' COUNTERBALANCE Loom 4 Harness, 6 treadle 100cm (39") Weaving Width w/bench $4900 new, asking $2500. kerby_1998@yahoo.com
7/6/2019 NANCY MALCOLM Selling Loom Oxaback Lilla width: 100cm 40", harnesses: 8 Spring Hill, Fla 2000 Excellent 40" weaving width, 8 shafts, 10 treadles. About 5 yrs old, perfect condition. Comes with 3 reeds......10, 12, and 15 dent. Over 800 heddles, lease sticks, shaft holders, warp sticks. Photos or questions please contact me camelheights@msn.com
7/5/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Toika Weave Width:50 Shafts:8 Columbiana,Ohio 1895 Excellent Norwood 50" 8 Harness 12 Treadle loom made from Birch by the Toika Loom Company....matching bench....accessories.....smooth back beam. This loom was made by Toika after 1996. It is almost identical to the original Norwood Looms but has 12 Treadles instead of 10 . Gorgeous Loom lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/5/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Castle for 24" table loom LeClerc width:24 harnesses:4 Columbiana,Ohio 175 New New Leclerc 24" 4 Harness Castle with wood castle top board. Would provide extra harnesses for a MECO loom but should also fit on a 24" DOROTHY. Heddles included but need to be placed on harnesses. lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/3/2019 Barbara Albeck Selling Spinning Wheel Schacht width: , harnesses: Winfield, New Jersey 600 New Schacht Sidekick Spinning Wheel. Portable (13 lbs.), folds for easy traveling. 3 bobbins, fast and medium whorls, threading hook. New $887.00. Asking 600.00 barbalbeck@msn.com
7/3/2019 Barbara Albeck Selling Loom Ashford width: 12", harnesses: 2 Winfield, New Jersey 375 New Ashford Knitters Loom. 12" rigid heddle. Folds to fit in carry bag. Includes 2 stick shuttles, warping clamp and peg, double ended threading hook, book, 5 additional rigid heddles (2 each 8, 10 and 12.5 dent to be used as double heddle loom), carry bag and loom stand. Barbalbeck@msn.com
7/3/2019 Barbara Albeck Selling Loom Schacht width: 18", harnesses: 4 Winfield, New Jersey 1200 Excellent Schacht Wolf Pup LT loom 4 shafts, 6 treadles. Includes 8, 10 and 12-dent reeds, stroller and trap. Total new $1787.00. Like new. Asking $1200.00 Barbalbeck@msn.com
7/3/2019 Rob Reeser Selling Loom Harrisville width: 36, harnesses: N/A Reading, Pa. 1800 Excellent Harrisville 36" loom 4 harness/6 treadle, very good shape, must pick up, can email pics mrreese1176@gmail.com
7/3/2019 Mary Daines Selling Loom Macomber width: 48, harnesses: More than 16 montreal, qc canada 2400 Very Good 48" macomber 20 harness loom. 2 plain back beams and warp separator, flat steel heddles, no bench. works great but i recently bought a smaller loom. pick up only. beattysthouse@gmail.com
7/1/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Ashford width: 2 3/4 inch, harnesses: N/A Columbiana, Ohio 49 New New Small Ashford inkle loom lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/1/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Double cone rack Handmade width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 35 Very Good Double holder for cones...yarn threads up through top cone and then out the top piece of wood so you can wrap 2 strings....total height 19.5 inches ...can be mailed lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/1/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Electric bobbin winder Unknown width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 145 Very Good Electric double ended bobbin winder in very good condition lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/1/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Structo width: 8", harnesses: 8 Columbiana,Ohio 350 Very Good 8H Structo 8" metal loom with 6 original patterns copied onto card stock, copy of catalog #50 in color, manual for Structo loom, copy of magazine article about the loom, copy of color advertisement. Loom has plain back beam, reed is excellent, handle on castle, three small shuttles ,original lease sticks, thread hook, NE Ohio..can be mailed. lambrugs@yahoo.com
7/1/2019 Cheryl Beadle Selling Loom Cranbrook width: 51", harnesses: 4 Rushville, Indiana 1100 Excellent Beautiful Maple Cranbrook Bexall 4 Harness 8 Treddle Sectional Beam Loom With Bench. All new Heddles. Moving, will not fit in new home. Taken apart and packed for moving. Here for a week and a half and then gone. Also listing on Craigslist today. itsthebeadles@gmail.com
6/29/2019 Melody Bynum Selling Loom Schacht width: 26", harnesses: 8 Eagle Point, OR 2500 Excellent Schacht Baby Wolf 8 shaft 10 treddle. Excellent condition. Comes with Schacht bench and raddle. Stainless steel heddles. 2 reeds 8 and 6. On casters. Folds up and fit in car easily. Wonderful loom. I just purchased a 8 shaft floor loom. mbynum53@gmail.com
6/29/2019 Susan Baloun Selling Loom Unknown width: 0, harnesses: 8 Cochrane, WI 2500 Very Good 10 pedal floor loom used by my mother. Needs a couple chains replaced on the pedals other than that it is in great working shape. Make an offer. srbaloun@gmail.com
6/26/2019 Christine Lee Selling Loom Macomber width: 64", harnesses: More than 16 Escondido, CA 3500 Excellent Large Macomber Ad-A-Harness Loom 64" weaving width with air assist, 20 harness and 20 treadle Type B folding loom. 12 dpi reed. Comes with Speedaire compressor and air receiver. Dimensions: 52"H x 118"W x 48". The original price is over 13K. Priced to sell quickly and due to the following: (1)The air lines for the compressor will need to be replaced. (2) Four loose metal dowels on sectional beam. MUST PICK UP. HEAVY. Resting on a pallet with footprint 124"L x 38"W. CASH ONLY. missleelee33@yahoo.com
6/23/2019 Barbara Kloeppel Selling Loom Gilmore 8 Harness 12 Pedal Floor Loom width: 46", harnesses: 8 Berkeley, California 1500 Very Good Gilmore 8 Harness 12 Pedal loom. Back beam is an added bonus. There is an added shelf on top to lay yarn and shuttles. Comes with 2 Metal Reeds, 1 raddle, over 700 metal heddles, a small warping board, Gilmore bench, and a few other odds and ends. I have woven lovely blankets on this loom. It is so great for double weave. bkgd@sbcglobal.net
6/23/2019 JULIE MILLER Selling Loom AVL width: 40, harnesses: 16 Austin, TX 3000 Very Good AVL Folding Dobby Loom 16H 40" Mechanical Dobby with 163 bars, many pegs, 2, 2" sectional warp beams, track and mount, tension box, automatic cloth storage system, fly shuttle boxes with 1 fly shuttle and one end feed shuttle. Original paperwork, extra heddles, extra parts, measures 58"w by 36" deep folded. $3000 picked up near Austin TX or will ship at buyers expense. juliemiller1609@gmail.com
6/17/2019 Monet Brewerton-Palmer Seeking (want-ad) Loom Jack Edwards loom width: NA, harnesses: N/A Atlanta, Georgia 1 Very Good I would love to find a Jack Edwards loom with modified countermarche shedding system and worm gear. Thank you! monet.a.brewerton@gmail.com
6/17/2019 Monet Brewerton-Palmer Selling Loom Louet width: 36, harnesses: 8 Atlanta, Georgia 2300 Excellent I am the original owner of this lovely 8s, 10t loom. It is 1.5 years old and in excellent, like-new condition. It has been used sparingly and treated with loving kindness! It comes standard with a sliding beater, built-in raddle, and friction brake. Lease sticks, warping sticks, and at least 800 Texsolv heddles included. Can also include an AVL end-feed shuttle & a bunch of pirns. I prefer pickup, but I will ship if buyer arranges and pays for packing and shipping (Uship is great!). monet.a.brewerton@gmail.com
6/17/2019 Monet Brewerton-Palmer Selling Loom Toika width: 48, harnesses: 8 Atlanta, Georgia 1700 Very Good I am selling my lovely 120cm Toika Eeva 8s/10t. (Has shaft bars for 9 shafts, but jacks for only 8.) It is clean, gorgeous, and incredibly solid. It has linen aprons, lots of heddles, and Texsolv tie-up. The Toika worm gear is fantastic! It includes the adjustable bench and a 10-dent reed. I prefer pickup, as this is a very large and heavy item. However, I can disassemble the loom if the buyer wants to arrange for packing and shipping. I have had good luck with Uship. Email for pics and info! monet.a.brewerton@gmail.com
6/17/2019 Paula Jameson Seeking (want-ad) Loom Ashford width: 32", harnesses: 8 McGrady, NC 800 Excellent I am looking for a gently used table loom with/without stand, 8 shafts, 32" long. I am flexible on the price, depending on what's included up to $950. I have some ability to travel to see and pick up. pjameson@cfl.rr.com
6/16/2019 Sonja Hoie Selling Loom Loomcraft width: 45", harnesses: 4 Keosauqua, IA 950 Very Good Cherry Loomcraft, gently used. 4 harness, 6 treadles, extra reeds, lease sticks, includes storage bench. I need to free up some space after buying a Glimakra. Pick up only. sonjahoie@gmail.com
6/15/2019 Rebecca Robbins Selling Loom J-made width: 48", harnesses: More than 16 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada 2300 Excellent This absolutely beautiful 24 shaft loom has never been used! I bought it from the original owner who passed away before having the chance to use it. The loom is big and very heavy and therefore I have not been able to get it into my basement studio. This is why I must sell. It's a compu-dobby. I have not hooked it all up and have never woven on it. I understand that the original owner paid approx $16,000 usd for this loom. rebecca@robbinsnestweaving.com
6/15/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Rigby cutter Rigby Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 95 Excellent Rigby cutter for rug hooking strips....2 Cutter wheels lambrugs@yahoo.com
6/14/2019 Salli Wise Selling Horizontal Warping Mill Custom-made width: , harnesses: Calpine, CA 150 Excellent Custom horizontal warping mill for weaving. Adjustable length warps, accommodates very long warps; very comfortable to use; folds flat for wall storage; approximately 50" tall X 56" wide. Kept in smoke-free environment. Pictures available. swiseone@gmail.com
6/12/2019 Cheryl Sachs Selling Loom Glimakra width: 38", harnesses: 4 Lake Forest, Illinois 1800 Excellent The loom includes the bench , extra heddles, extra dents. A pegboard for warping and a ball winder. foursachs@aol.com
6/11/2019 Catherine Schuman Seeking (want-ad) Bench 45" Glimakra width: , harnesses: La Crosse, WI 1 Good Looking for a bench to match up with a newly acquired 30 year old 135 cm (52") Glimakra loom cschuman@rollins.edu
6/10/2019 Dawn McCarthy Selling Loom Berga Savonia (like Varpapuu) width: 54", harnesses: 8 Davidson, NC 850 Excellent 10 shaft countermarch Berga Savonia loom, 54" weave width and 10 treadles, easy tie up, Texsolv heddles and one reed, second sectional warp beam in great working condition. This loom is very similar to Toika and Varpapuu with the exception that the side frames come apart for easier transportation. I have the original flyer and assembly instructions. No bench but willing to sell a brand new Glimakra bench for $170. Asking $850 for the loom. Located in North Charlotte NC. bewove@gmail.com
6/10/2019 Stacy Holder Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45, harnesses: 4 Rocky Mount, NC 1000 Excellent 4 shaft LeClerc Nilus loom, 45 inch weaving width, sectional warp beam. I've had it for two years, never used it. Moved it with me to North Carolina, and the movers dismantled it and put it back together. You will want to look it over and make sure it was done correctly. Make an offer, serious weavers only. Too large to ship; local pickup only. 2girls4dogs@gmail.com
6/8/2019 Salli Wise Selling Spinning Wheel Schacht width: , harnesses: Calpine, CA 950 Excellent Beautiful Schacht Matchless spinning wheel in excellent condition (like new); used very little. Single-treadle; includes Lazy Kate with 5 bobbins and custom-made niddy-noddy; pictures available upon request. Pick up only. swiseone@gmail.com
5/30/2019 Laura Burnham Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45", harnesses: 4 Boston, MA 600 Good Leclerc Nilus 45" 4H loom in good used condition. Downsizing my loom collection. I'm the second owner of this loom, which I have had for the past 7 years. Comes with bench, lease sticks, shuttle, and 12 dent reed. lu.burnham@gmail.com
5/27/2019 Reem Yaqoobi Seeking (want-ad) Loom Saori width: 36, harnesses: 4 Chico, CA 700 Very Good Looking for a Saori loom as soon as possible. ry@xorex.net
5/24/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Leclerc boat shuttles LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 24 Excellent $24 for one, $46 for two, $66 for 3..... lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/24/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Leclerc spool rack LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 225 Very Good Large Leclerc rack holds 72 spools. Sections rotate. No shipping, must pick up, 12 minutes from exit 232 Ohio Turnpike lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/24/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Schacht bobbins Schacht Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 20 Excellent 20 for $20 Schacht 4-inch bobbins; 20 for $20 Schacht 5" bobbins, 8 for $10 Schacht 6" bobbins. Plus postage. Specify size you want to purchase. lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/22/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling warping reels New Schacht and other Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 325 New 2 horizontal warping reels $325 each lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/22/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Spool racks Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 135 Excellent Large spool racks...$135 each lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/22/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Columbiana,Ohio 695 Very Good Leclerc Artisat 36" 4 Harness,6 Treadle, $695 without sectional rakes, $795 as pictured. Some accessories included. 12 minutes from exit 232 Ohio Turnpike lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/21/2019 Camilla Stege Selling Dobby bars/lags for mechanical dobby loom, AVL type Made for my AVL looms by professional wood worker width: , harnesses: Ellsworth, Maine 6.8 New New rock maple dobby bars, 16 shaft [$136 for 20 bars] and 24 shaft [$165 for 20 bars], custom made for me by a professional woodworker for use in my AVL PDL and TDL looms. cam.stege@gmail.com
5/20/2019 Selwa Whitesell Selling Warping Mill Toika width: , harnesses: Yellow Springs, OH 225 Very Good This 2 meter Warping Mill has been well used but stands up to time. Comes apart easily for moving. selwa@yellowsprings.com
5/18/2019 Les McIntyre Selling Loom Unknown width: 38" , harnesses: 4 Lake Forest, California 500 Good Studio Floor Loom 38" wide bar,4 harness 6 Pedal 46"" X 42"". Condition is Used. Includes warping board, heddles and weaving books. Purchased 40 years ago from Redondo Beach, HS under stage. Told was used to make blankets during WWI. NO SHIPPING. MUST BE PICKED UP. 92630 lmacs@cox.net
5/18/2019 Selwa Whitesell Selling Loom Tyler hand made in New Zealand) width: 36", harnesses: 4 Yellow Springs, OH 950 Excellent This 4 harness, 36" loom was made in New Zealand by Charlie Tyler. He hand built looms and spinning wheels in the 70's. It has been well used and is still in excellent shape. Included are various shuttles and accessories. You can read about Tyler here. http://www.nzspinningwheels.info/tyler.html selwa@yellowsprings.com
5/18/2019 Jim Burkett Selling Loom Union Weave Width:36 Shafts:2 beloit, wisconsin 400 Excellent ready to weave, must be picked up at Beloit, wisconsin jburkett4550@yahoo.com
5/18/2019 Jim Burkett Selling Union loom crank handle Union Weave Width: Shafts: Beloit, Wisconsin 25 New Handmade wooden warp beam crank for some Union weaving looms (ones that have round protruding wooden extension). $25 plus shipping. jburkett4550@yahoo.com
5/18/2019 Jim Burkett Selling Beater bar handle Handmade Weave Width: Shafts: Beloit, Wisconsin 25 New Handmade beater bar handle should fit most looms. Attaches to top of beater with four screws. $25 each plus shipping. jburkett4550@yahoo.com
5/18/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Alden Amos combs Alden Amos Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 295 Excellent Alden Amos made these large fiber combs and signed them. He was the author of The Big Book of Spinning. These combs are very heavy duty and have 4 rows of teeth with covers and the stand to hold them. lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/16/2019 Valerie Moore Selling Loom Louet width: 90 cm/36 in., harnesses: 4 Nashville, TN 1800 Very Good Older model Louet Spring 90, 4s/6t. Very good to excellent condition with friction brake. This can be expanded to up to 12 shafts but requires some additional parts related to the treadles (due to a redesign), which can be supplied by Louet. Includes a 10-dent reed and lease sticks. Pick up only in Nashville, Tennessee, very near I-40. vdidenmoore@gmail.com
5/15/2019 Jennifer Schmidt Selling Loom Schacht width: 48", harnesses: 4 Colts Neck, New Jersey 2000 Excellent Schacht 48", 4 harness loom, includes everything you need to weave. All tools and accessories included even the bench. schmidtjen125@yahoo.com
5/13/2019 Leslie Tiano Selling Loom Gilmore width: 42-45, harnesses: 4 San Diego, California 1800 Excellent The loom's dimensions are 28" deep by 48" wide. Height is 39". The loom is maple wood, and I'm going to guess it's at least 35 years old. I've had it for 30 years. It comes with a bench, and there are heddles on the loom, as well as new ones never used - approximately 150, in the garage buried. Originally owned by the De Young Museum in San Francisco. lytiano@mac.com
5/13/2019 Juanita Hofstrom Selling Loom Thought Products Weave Width:60 Shafts:8 Shopiere, Wisconsin 5500 Very Good Barbara V Loom by Thought Products. Admirable craftsmanship. Large, 60 inches wide , 8 harnesses. Special ability to be changed to three different purposes. Has extra equipment to become a tapestry loom, a counter march, and a counter balanced. Made of gorgeous, straight grained solid cherry wood. Back beam has removable raddle pegs. Aircraft cable and pigtail connectors used in moderating harness frames. Large, adjustable height, matching, solid wood bench with inner storage and sliding seat. Instruction book, 8 rug shuttles. 60 spool warp rack made with copper wire and good cherry framing. Lots of cardboard warp spools. Special rack with color-coded, precise aircraft cables for use with modification accessories.This loom would suit a tall person very nicely. $5500, Cash only. Pick up only. kessenich108@gmail.com
5/13/2019 Juanita Hofstrom Selling Loom Cambridge Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 Shopiere, Wisconsin 425 Good Cambridge 45 inch, Floor Rug Loom. Four harness, Counter balanced. 6 treadles. Was formerly used by a blind person for his rug income. Needs some sanding. $425.00. Cash only. Pick up in Southern Wisconsin kessenich108@gmail.com
5/13/2019 Juanita Hofstrom Selling Loom Union Weave Width:36 Shafts:2 Shopiere, Wisconsin 450 Good Union 36 Rug Floor Loom..Weaves 36 inch fabric. Counter balanced. Two harnesses. Two treadles. Warp storage pegs on back. Has smooth warp beam. It can, of course, support other projects such as runners, stoles, pillow covers, place mats, toweling. At present has a 28 inch wide blue, cotton rug warp. $450.00. Cash only. Pick up in Southern Wisconsin. kessenich108@gmail.com
5/12/2019 Emma Dougherty Selling Warping Drum AVL width: , harnesses: Chicago, IL 350 Good AVL Warping Drum, an amazing way to get perfect tension for your warp! No longer produced, comes with instructions! ejdougherty000@gmail.com
5/12/2019 Maureen Riley Selling Loom Macomber width: 48, harnesses: 8 Jupiter, Florida 2200 Very Good Large Mac, 8 harnesses,(up to 10), apron on cloth beam, bench, spool rack, lease sticks, warping board, skein winder, raddle, and boat, ski, and stick shuttles included. Buyer will have to pick up. bringslight@comcast.net
5/14/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Manual bobbin winder Schacht Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 99 Excellent Schacht manual double ended spool or bobbin winder . Clamps to bench or table..$99 plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/7/2019 Dawn McCarthy Selling Loom AVL width: 60", harnesses: 16 Charlotte, NC 1400 Very Good AVL, PDL, 16 shaft, 60" mechanical dobby with approx 100 bars, single box fly shuttle, 10 dent reed. Built in walk in bench, 1 yard sectional beam. Auto cloth take up. Works well, I have two of these so one needs to go. Currently taken apart but can assemble and send photos to serious inquiries. Minor cosmetic crack in cloth take up drum but does not affect the loom. Asking $1400. Located outside of Charlotte NC bewove@gmail.com
5/5/2019 Mary O'Shea Selling Loom Macomber width: 56, harnesses: 4 Weybridge, VT 1400 Good Add a harness loom up to eight harnesses (comes with 4). Includes both plain beam and sectional beam. marylynnoshea@gmail.com
5/3/2019 Sarah Brigdon Selling Loom Schacht width: 25/26 inch, harnesses: 4 Terrell, Texas 1000 Excellent Schacht Baby Wolf Loom. Excellent condition. 1000.00. The weaving width is 26″. 4 shafts. Can be folded to a depth of 18″. Comes with two reeds; One 10 dent, One 12 dent. Leasing sticks. At least one weaving book.And several spools of yarn. Pictures available. ( I could not get them to load. : ) ) sadiebangel68@yahoo.com
5/1/2019 Ruka Mustapha-Widmer Selling AVL's Industrial Bobbin Winder AVL width: , harnesses: Brooklyn, NY 2000 Excellent The AVL Automatic Bobbin Winder is fast and winds perfect bobbin every time. It's perfect for production weavers with flyshuttles, helps to save time and improve efficiency. 60 bobbins are included with the winder. Pictures are available. rootscrew@gmail.com
5/1/2019 Katherine Clark Selling Loom Macomber width: 48, harnesses: 16 Montpelier, Vermont 4400 Excellent 20-H frame with 16 harnesses now, 4 more could be added. 22 treadles. 2 plain beams, sectional beam, 2 spool racks, tension box, spools, electric bobbin winder, bench, warp separator, raddle, reeds, many heddles. kclark11@hotmail.com
4/29/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Umbrella swift Glimakra width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 60 Very Good Glimakra umbrella swift $60 plus postage...clamps on bench or table lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/29/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Pirns Unknown width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 22 Very Good Vintage wooden pirns with thread or yarn 15 for $22 plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/29/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Fraser cutter Fraser width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 140 Very Good Fraser fabric cutter for strips and extra cutter for rug hooking $145 plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/24/2019 Libby Kowalski Selling Loom AVL width: 40.5", harnesses: 16 New York, New York 4000 Very Good 16 Harness AVL loom, 40.5" weaving width, mechanical dobby with 30 bars/250 pegs, Compu-dobby black box, two warp beams with 2 rods each, one cloth storage beam, hardwood construction, used but in very good condition. Loom can be picked up locally or we can crate and ship. $4000.00 (or best offer), shipping costs to be paid by buyer. We do have a great shipping company we ship with. Extra metal heddles and loom bench are part of the package. libby.kowalski@gmail.com
4/24/2019 Sheila Bunting Seeking (want-ad) Benjamin Green Standard Wool Combing Kit Benjamin Green Studio width: , harnesses: Normal, Illinois 100 Very Good Wooden kit for attaching wool combs to a table for combing wool sheilasspinningbunny@gmail.com
4/24/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Tension box for loom Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 95 Excellent Tension box for sectional warping 12 Dent reed..like new $95 lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/24/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Wooden pirns Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 19 Very Good Various vintage pirns 20 for $19 plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/24/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Spools Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 95 Very Good 7 inch spools with yarn or thread, vintage, 25 for $95 plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/24/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Beka table top swift Beka Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 45 New Yarn swift which sits on a table.....drop skein on it and adjust skein..new $45...can be taken apart easily.. can be mailed via USPS lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/24/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Warping board Unknown Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 80 Excellent 10 yard warping board fastens together with wing nuts, easy assembly, $80 plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/24/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling 4 inch bobbins LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbiana,Ohio 22 Excellent Leclerc 4" plastic bobbins for boat shuttle..fits most boat shuttles 23 for $20 plus postage lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/19/2019 Sherry Ravlin Selling Loom Toika width: 48:, harnesses: 8 Charlestown, NH. 2500 Excellent 48" Toika EEVA Countermarch Loom, 8 Harness, 10 Treadle. Purchased new from Webs Yarns in Northampton, MA approximately 10 years ago. I have completed two projects with this loom. Loom is in excellent condition. Asking Price $2,500 the bench is not included. rsravlin@comcast.net
4/14/2019 Kathleen Kobyljanec Selling Loom Ashford width: 32, harnesses: 8 Akron, Ohio 800 Excellent 32", 8 shaft table loom. Used one year, excellent condition. Local pick up. kobylkat@gmail.com
4/13/2019 Patricia Marks Seeking (want-ad) Norwood tensioner box Norwood width: , harnesses: Sevierville, TN 55 Excellent Norwood tension box like the one pictured. Made in Michigan Patsptcruiser@gmail.com
4/11/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Spinning Wheel Walking or great wheel width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 300 Excellent Beautiful large Walking wheel or Great wheel. Complete lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/10/2019 Susannd Raynard Selling Loom Kessenich width: 20", harnesses: 4 San Francisco, CA 450 Very Good Rare vintage Kessinich table loom with stand, 20" 4 shafts, $450. New custom made 12 dent reed, 100 heddles per shaft plus 192 extra heddles. No smoking, fragrance free home. Manufactured in the mid 1960's. I am the 2nd owner, ever. I purchased the loom in 2016. The loom can be removed from the stand and folded, but frankly she's pretty heavy for a workshop loom because she is so sturdy. Due to mobility issues, pick up only. $450 cash only. susannen2@yahoo.com
4/9/2019 Helen Cadogan Seeking (want-ad) Loom Macomber width: 24"/32", harnesses: 8 Trinidad, Tobago 1 Good Looking for a 24" 8-H Baby Mac or 32" Mac with a few bells and whistles. A double back beam would be nice. Shuttles and such a plus. Am in the Caribbean without a loom and yearning, and there are no stores with weaving equipment. If you're willing to ship, I'll be happy to buy. I pay cash via PayPal or Zelle. cafa@caribfa.com
4/9/2019 Evelyn Knight Selling Loom Unknown width: ~60 inches , harnesses: 8 Lexington,KY 975 Adequate Swedish hard pine Countermarche loom with reeds and other accessories. Needs minor repair to one handle but is usable as is. I imported this loom myself about 40 years ago but it has not been used at all in recent years. It has been stored in a climate controlled area. eaknight@att.net
4/6/2019 Diane Kirschner Selling Loom Macomber width: 40", harnesses: 8 Brooklyn, NY 3400 Very Good Apt.-sized, Type B-Folding loom: plain warp beam, ratchet brake, cloth aprons, 10 treadles, lots of heddles, 5 reeds. Can add two additional harnesses and 2nd beam. New: $4800. Asking $3400. Must arrange transport. Accessories and bench also for sale. Can send pictures on request. kirschnerconsulting@gmail.com
4/2/2019 Cathy Wycliff Selling Vintage LeClerc Weaving Cone Holder LeClerc width: , harnesses: Skokie, IL 150 Excellent Selling a vintage LeClerc weaving cone/spool holder, swivels (then locks) for each access to cones. Weaving cones are extra but negotiable. catwycliff@yahoo.com
4/1/2019 Madelynn Schwarz Seeking (want-ad) 10" flat steel heddles Gilmore width: , harnesses: Roslyn Heights, New York 20 Good I need 10" heddles for a Gilmore floor loom. Any quantity will be fine. bubbeofmany@gmail.com
3/30/2019 Sandra Wilcher Seeking (want-ad) Spinning Wheel Castle width: , harnesses: Waynesville, NC 250 Very Good I am a beginner at spinning. I am left handed so I am told I need a castle spinner. I also live in North Carolina and don't want to travel more than three hours for pickup. It would help if it had extras that I will need to start out with. Thanks! swilcher1@bellsouth.net
3/28/2019 Lee Anderst Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45", harnesses: 4 St Petersburg, Florida 850 Excellent 4-harness Nilus jack loom w/6 treadles and inserted eye heddles. Schacht weaving bench, 4 reeds (6",8",10",12"), 3 boat shuttles (15" Schacht, 11" and 15" Little Man), lease sticks, 30" stick shuttle. $850 cash or bank check. Local pickup in St Petersburg, FL (come to the Dali museum and pick up your loom on the same visit!!). jlanderst@gmail.com
3/27/2019 Caroline Levin Selling Loom LeClerc width: 60 inches, harnesses: 4 Portland, OR 2000 Excellent This is a 4-shaft, 6-treadle LeClerc Colonial jack loom. Weaving width: 60". Stands 55" x 71" x 68" tall. Excellent condition. Extra-large warp beam to prevent the beam from torquing with tight warps. 800+ heddles. 5-dent reed. There is a small warp on so you to try it. Selling it because I need the floor space. Otherwise a lovely loom. It's at Ruthie's Weaving Studio in Portland. Email for an appointment so I can be available to you. The beautiful custom bench is $500. caroline@petcarebooks.com
3/27/2019 Nancy Sinnott Seeking (want-ad) Loom Bench Macomber width: , harnesses: Mishawaka, Indiana 75 Good Looking for used Macomber bench but would be open to others with room for shuttles, etc., on sides or below sitting area. nancy.sinnott@gmail.com
3/24/2019 ruben Marroquin Selling Loom Harrisville width: 22, harnesses: 4 Bridgeport, CT 700 Very Good I am selling two 4 harness Harrisville Looms. They are in great condition, comes with its original weaving bench, one boat shuttle and yarns. It also includes a tray which is placed on top of the loom to hold scissors, etc. ruben@marroquinruben.com
3/20/2019 Caitlin Crabb Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht width: 46, harnesses: 8 Chicago, IL 800 Very Good I am looking for a 40+ weaving width with 8 shafts. I like the Schacht Standard Loom, but am open to other brands. caitlincrabb@gmail.com
3/15/2019 Alex Hageman Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45", harnesses: 4 Holly, Michigan 1500 Very Good Nilus LeClerc Fanny II 4-Harness/6 treadle Counterbalance Loom 45" Weaving width (55" Overall). Overall condition is aged, but mechanically very sound. I purchased it used from a rug weaver. 38.5" D x 55" W x 58.5" H. Included in the sale: (2) additional Reeds - (3) total; (3) Lease Sticks; (2) Boat Shuttles + Bobbins; Extra Heddles, Heddle hook, Various sized Shuttles, Beam crank. alterrien@gmail.com
3/13/2019 Sabrina Brown Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht width: 18', harnesses: 8 Port Townsend, WA 900 Excellent Schacht Wolf pup 8.10 8 harness, Should be in Excellent/very good shape preferably with extras like double back beam, wolf trap, shuttles, dents, warping board, warping hooks, etc. dawdlebythedaffodils@yahoo.com
3/13/2019 Chris Gustin Selling spool rack LeClerc Weave Width: Shafts: Columbus, Indiana 130 Like new LeClerc spool rack. Holds 20 or more spools depending on spool length. Center post pivots to allow placement of spools. Has folding back leg so rack stands alone. Like new condition. Maple wood, can also be used to display woven scarves! chris@homesteadweaver.com
3/12/2019 Ildiko Baugus Selling Loom Schacht width: 26", harnesses: 4 Chesapeake, Virginia 1500 Very Good This 26" Schacht 4 shaft/ 6 treadle harness loom baby wolf comes with a lot of extras including a bench, shuttles, lease sticks and a warping frame. I will also include a box of coned yarn. This can be shipped for an extra fee. I will have UPS box it and ship it. Pictures can be forwarded upon request. bbaugus@yahoo.com
3/10/2019 Tinka Fedorka Selling Loom Handmade width: 48, harnesses: 4 Franklin, West Virginia 3000 Good Unique loom and equipment. Includes a heavy duty solidly built mostly oak loom with a rack of warp that provides a continuous feed with no rewarping required. There is a metal brake at the back of the loom which allows tension on the warp threads. The loom is a 4 harness counterbalance like a Gilmakra standard except heavier duty. Includes the creel rack at back of loom (with several hundred dollars of 8/4 carpet warp) and a loom bench with a roller seat. judy_fedorka@hotmail.com
2/28/2019 Nicolette Morris Seeking (want-ad) Loom Norwood, Schacht, others width: 36, harnesses: 8 Bloomington, IN 1000 Excellent I am looking for an 8 shaft floor loom between 32"-40". Open to brands, but Norwood or Schacht, something similar to either of those. I really need something in the $800 range, and can't go higher than $1000. I'm able to travel 4 hours or so one way from southern Indiana. Thank you nicolette333@hotmail.com
2/27/2019 Donna Russell Selling Loom Macomber width: 52" harnesses: 16 Topsfield, Massachusetts 5000 Excellent Macomber Ad-a-Harness Loom 52" 16 Shafts. Must pick up in Topsfield, MA. In very good condition. Sectional beam, 18 treadles, hundreds of heddles, bench. I have 3 looms and am moving so am selling this beauty. sailrainbow@yahoo.com
2/25/2019 Pam Rathmell Seeking (want-ad) mini raddle for AVL warping wheel AVL width: , harnesses: Florida, USA 1 Excellent I'm looking for the higher dent mini raddles that were shipped with the original version of the AVL warping wheel. I have an 8 dpi, I'm looking for anything smaller, particularly the 20 dpi. prr0616@gmail.com
2/24/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Columbine yardage Counter Columbine width: , harnesses: Columbiana,Ohio 99 Excellent A large metal heavy duty counter for warp or weft of yarn,macrame cord,leather lacing,small ribbon and other flexible cord under 3/16th inch diameter. Included is the original 2 sided instruction sheet. lambrugs@yahoo.com
2/24/2019 Bob Cathel Selling Loom AVL width: 24, harnesses: More than 16 West Richland, Washington 20000 Very Good 24" Industrial Dobby Loom, 24 Harness. Automated shuttle weaving with 4-Box Flyshuttle System. Compu-Dobby II. Sliding beater with heavy duty bearings. 1-yard Sectional Warp Beam. Pneumatically driven system, requires compressed air of 21 CFM @115 PSI (compressor NOT included). Can be shipped within the contiguous U.S. via U-Haul Box (shipping included in price). The loom will require assembly, set up not included. myverybestfriendbob@gmail.com
2/20/2019 Chris Whittle Selling Loom Rasmussen width: 24', harnesses: 4 Newark, DE 300 Excellent This is a rare and efficient loom. dr.chwhittle@yahoo.com
2/18/2019 Laura Burnham Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht width: 26", harnesses: N/A Boston, MA 1200 Very Good Seeking a Schacht Baby Wolf 4 or 8 harness loom. Willing to travel and flexible on pricing for right loom. lu.burnham@gmail.com
2/17/2019 Peggy Jones Selling Loom Cranbrook width: 96, harnesses: 8 Nampa, Idaho 4500 Excellent 96" 8 harness Cranbrook, locking treadles, string heddles, chain tie up, tool shelf, lease sticks, seperator sticks, 4 and 5 dent reeds, pristine condition weaver16@hotmail.com
2/14/2019 peggy cowan Selling Loom Newcomb Weave Width:42 Shafts:4 pennsburg, PA 200 Adequate 1926 Newcomb 4 harness Automatic Fly Shuttle loom and accessories 4' wide; 42" deep 41" in height peggycowan@comcast.net
2/14/2019 Katte Geneta Selling Loom Macomber width: 56" 10S, harnesses: N/A Yorktown Heights, NY 1700 Good Macomber Ad-a-Harness Loom 56" 10 Shafts - $1700 or best offer. Must pick up in Yorktown Heights, NY. In good condition especially for an older loom. Brass looks great! Some rust on the heddle bars. Wood is in good condition. 56" weaving width, 12 tracked, flat steel heddles, cloth aprons, 2 beams, 1 friction brake and 1 rachet brake kattegeneta@gmail.com
2/13/2019 Susan Bierer Selling Loom Cranbrook width: 96, harnesses: 8 Cincinnati, OHio 3800 Excellent 96" Cranbrook Bexel, Countermarche loom features 5 harnesses with room to add 3 more, string heddles, and 10 locking treadles. Customized to include suspended 96" tool shelf, racks on loom to hold 44 spools, replacement of the tye-up cord with chain to eliminate content cord slippage, and reconfiguration of the treadles so they can be locked in place to keep the shed open. Bench has tool storage. Meticulously maintained and in perfect working condition. Moving so must sell. sejbierer@gmail.com
2/13/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom LeClerc width: 15 3/4", harnesses: 8 Columbiana,Ohio 650 Excellent 8 Harness Dorothy from an estate that operates very smoothly, 2 reeds, Sley hook, lease sticks, warp sticks, 3 shuttles....exit 232 of Ohio Turnpike 12 minutes South lambrugs@yahoo.com
2/13/2019 Anna French Selling Loom AVL width: 60, harnesses: 16 dallas, texas 5000 Very Good Great condition. Has dobby box, fly shuttle, 2 sectional warping beams, comes with multiple misc. reeds, automatic advance system. annabrownfrench@gmail.com
2/12/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Norwood width: 40, harnesses: 4 Columbiana,Ohio 1495 Excellent Norwood Cherry made in Michigan . Beautiful wood . Jack type. The largest heddle eyes ever made, 4H6T with matching cherry bench, comes with cherry sectional back beam, shuttles, bobbins, Sley hook, extra heddles, reed hook, 2 reeds, 12 minutes exit 232 of Ohio Turnpike. 330.457.7551. lambrugs@yahoo.com
2/12/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Newcomb Studio width: 43, harnesses: 4 Columbiana,Ohio 895 Excellent A one owner Newcomb Studio 4 H 6T . Beautiful wood, complete, sectional beam with tensioner, original manual, 2 reeds, 6 rag shuttles, several stick shuttles, large homemade bench with side pocket, seat and bottom shelf storage, separate storage box on wheels, new apron and cords, beater bar handle etc. 12 minutes from exit 232 Ohio Turnpike lambrugs@yahoo.com
2/11/2019 Lin Hightower Seeking (want-ad) Loom Louet Megado Floor Loom. 32 H electronic dobby width: 27 " or larger , harnesses: More than 16 St. Pete, Florida 1 Excellent Louet Megado Floor Loom. 32 H electronic dobby linhightower01@gmail.com
2/11/2019 Melissa Truman Selling Loom Union width: 36, harnesses: 2 Cincinnati, Ohio 1800 Very Good This loom is dry and covered in my sister's basement. She has had it for over 15 years and stopped working with it about 12 years ago due to carpal tunnel . It works amazing and has no issues! Also included are many many rolls of fabric and spools of thread to make rugs. mtruman34@gmail.com
2/11/2019 Randee Laikind Selling Spinning Wheel Louet width: , harnesses: Shelburne Falls, MA 375 Very Good Gently used Louet S10 single treadle spinning wheel. It comes with the 3 standard bobbins plus 2 extra bobbins. This is a great wheel for beginners and seasoned spinners. This is also cross posted on Craigslist Western MA to see pics. liev@comcast.net
2/10/2019 Dave Swanlund Selling Loom Kessenich width: 36", harnesses: 4 Chicago, IL 450 Very Good Kessenich 36" 4-H, 6-treadles floor loom, great condition, solid cherry wood. Vintage model from the 1950. Folds for storage. dswanlund@msn.com
2/9/2019 Anjuli Bernstein Selling Loom Macomber width: 56", harnesses: 8 Brooklyn, NY 2000 Very Good Selling an 8 harness, 10 treadle Macomber loom with three reeds and a JL Hammet bench. Just purchased a new apron, raddle, stop bar strips, and beater bumpers. In very good condition, just too large for my space. Willing to trade for a smaller 8 harness+ loom. anjulibernstein@gmail.com
1/28/2019 Cherri Berg Selling Loom Glimakra width: 43", harnesses: N/A Sandpoint, ID 2900 Good 43" Glimakra Countermarch 10 shaft, 12 Treadle eagle9881@gmail.com
1/27/2019 james burkett Selling Loom Kessenich width: 20, harnesses: 4 Beloit, wisconsin 500 Good kessenich table loom with stand, 20 inch weaving width jburkett4550@yahoo.com
1/26/2019 Robin Coreas Selling Loom Louet David width: 70 cm, harnesses: 8 Northern VA, (Washington DC metro area) 2750 Excellent Louet David 70 loom for sale--$2750. Loom is 8 shafts, 27.5 inch weaving width, and has the sliding beater and friction brake. Pick up only in Northern Virginia, Washington DC metro area), cash only. Extras include: 5 reeds (6,8,10,12,15 dent; the 6,8,12 are 26 inches, the 10, 15 are 28 inches), Schacht adjustable maple bench, One bench bag, a collection of Handwoven magazines from about 2000-2010, 100 + heddles on each shaft, Corrugated cardboard. robincoreas@msn.com
1/22/2019 Karen Paul Selling Loom AVL width: 0, harnesses: N/A Purcellville, VA 75 Very Good Inkle looms are designed to weave several yards of narrow fabric for belts, sashes, ties, bookmarks, hairbands, guitar straps, etc. Shuttle and directions will not be included. Maximum warp width is 4 inches (10cm). Maximum warp length is 11 feet 6 inches (3.5m). kpaul0@rstarmail.com
1/20/2019 james burkett Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45 inch, harnesses: 4 Beloit, Wisconsin 1200 Very Good LeClerc Mira weaving loom, 45 inch weaving width, 4 shaft, counter balanced, 6 treadle, sectional warp beam 2" section, weighted beater bar, 12 dent reed, beater bar handle, very good condition, jburkett4550@yahoo.com
1/20/2019 Michele Kurpisz Selling Loom Macomber width: 40", harnesses: 8 Rochester, NY 1400 Good Macomber B5 Floor Loom, Model B5 Ad-A- Harness. Has 8H with room for 2 more. 40" width. Metal heddles. Has metal hooks for the tie up. Total width of loom is 52". This is a fantastic loom, my favorite of any I've ever owned. I've had it in my house for 15 years.Reluctantly parting with it but I don't use it anymore. Includes 10 dent reed and bench. Non-smoking home. $1400 (Sells new for $3700) Local pick-up greatly preferred. michelekurpisz@gmail.com
1/16/2019 Szell Bettina Seeking (want-ad) Loom Louet/AVL/Toika width: 36'' or more, harnesses: 16 Europe, Hungary, Budapest 2000 Very Good I'm looking for a 36''or more wide loom, with at least 8shafts, better 16+, with flying shuttle in perfect condition. better if it has dobby-computerized sistem. thanks besssz@yahoo.com
1/10/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom structo Weave Width:8" Shafts:4 Columbiana,Ohio 325 Very Good 8 inch metal Structo 4 H...very unique as it has 2 back beams, one smooth and and interchangeable beam with spools....instead of crank handles there are large wing nuts to tighten and change beams,paper work,accessories lambrugs@yahoo.com
1/9/2019 Alli Hartley Seeking (want-ad) Loom Louet width: 90 cm, harnesses: 8 San Diego, California
Very Good Seeking Louet David or spring loom allihartley@me.com
1/8/2019 Gail Joseph Selling Warping Reel Ashford width: , harnesses: Tucson, AZ 175 Excellent Ashford vertical warping reel, winds up to 15 meters. Only 6 months old, selling because I bought a horizontal reel. Prefer pick up, but will pack and ship at buyer's expense. gailjos@gmail.com
1/5/2019 Gail Joseph Selling Spinning Wheel Kromski width: , harnesses: Tucson, AZ 475 Very Good Kromski Fantasia walnut/natural spinning wheel with 3 bobbins, onboard lazy Kate, carry handle, single drive with scotch tension. Email for photos. gailjos@gmail.com
1/5/2019 Gail Joseph Seeking (want-ad) Loom Macomber width: 20, harnesses: 8 Tucson, AZ 650 Very Good Looking for a Baby Mac, preferably 20", 8 shafts. Local nice, but willing to pay to have packed and shipped. gailjos@gmail.com
7/24/2019 Barb Gallagher Selling Loom J-Made width: 60", harnesses: 12 Dover, Indiana 47022 2400 Excellent Beautiful loom in great condition. Loom comes with 12 shafts (but all don't need to be installed). Includes 4 stainless steel reeds, 1 raddle, 1 standard plus 1 sectional beam (both can we used simultaneously) and a bench. Loom has worm gears for front and both back beams as well as a treadle lock. Loom is in my studio - works great, just needing to make room for a different loom. weaving@etczone.com
1/1/2019 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Structo width: 8 inch, harnesses: 4 Columbiana,Ohio 225 Very Good Structo 8" weaving width 4 Harness loom with spools, copy of weaving patterns, Structo manual, lease sticks, Sley hook, stick shuttles lambrugs@yahoo.com
12/28/2018 Melissa Lewis Selling Loom Macomber width: 48", harnesses: 12 Pasco, WA 3000 Very Good $3000 plus freight. 48" 12 shaft Macomber loom. Includes 1 PLAIN beam, and 1 SECTIONAL beam. Weaving bench. Handful of reeds. Tension bar. (sectional beam and tension bar have NEVER been used by me. I never learned sectional warping.) 50+ treadle hooks, 1000+ heddles and anything else I'm missing that I find along the way. No shuttles are included. BUYER IS TO ARRANGE AND PAY FOR FREIGHT SEPARATELY. phoebewilliamshandwoven@gmail.com
12/27/2018 Noelle Sharp Selling Loom Harrisville width: 40, harnesses: 8 Missoula, Montana 700 Excellent I am selling my gorgeous 8 harness, 40'' inch wide, 10 treadle Harrisville loom. It's an absolutely gorgeous loom that has been with me for 8 years. In perfect condition, I have updated a few parts with new parts from the Harrisville company. Asking $700 dollars, shipping is not an option as it is very large and heavy. noellesharp1@gmail.com
12/26/2018 John Cox Selling Loom Newcomb Weavers Delight width: 0, harnesses: 4 Brazil, Indiana 250 Adequate 104 years old (has clear serial #'s that have been verified - I have the paper work to prove it) torn down to refurbish - all parts there, cams, rag cans, shuttles, I do not have the "Pink Pony". Just clean and reassemble. My shop is so crowded I have to clear some things out. My sacrifice, your gain. I will deliver within 75 mi. radius of Brazil, Indiana for gas. jrussellx@yahoo.com
12/25/2018 Karen Paul Selling Loom AVL width: 10", harnesses: 2 Purcellville, VA 110 New The 25cm (10") weaving width allows you to sample all your favorite rigid heddle patterns, textures and colors. The loom is made from beautiful solid natural Silver Beech timber. It features: built-in option for a Second Heddle; 3lbs; 7.5 dpi (30/10cm) reed; Instruction Booklet; 2 x 26cm (10") Shuttles; Threading Hook; Warping Peg and Clamps; Ratchets and Clicker Pawls so your warp never unwinds unintentionally; Natural Finish; it will come assembled. kpaul0@rstarmail.com
12/23/2018 Gina D Seeking (want-ad) Strauch Drum Carder Strauch width: , harnesses: Jacksonville, North Carolina 1 Excellent Do you have a Strauch Drum Carder you no longer need/want? I'm looking for a gently used one.....tell me what you have and your asking price. Will consider any Strauch model, manual or motorized... Since I doubt anyone has anything even remotely close to me, I am happy to pay shipping. If you don't have a Strauch, but have something comparable in quality, let me know as well as I may be interested. Thank you everyone. dhjax11@yahoo.com
12/22/2018 Julie Snyder Seeking (want-ad) Spinning Wheel Columbine width: , harnesses: Ludington, MI 250 Good Looking for a Columbine metal spinning wheel - any color, good condition jwsnyder57@gmail.com
12/22/2018 Kristi Gmutza Selling Loom LeClerc width: 45, harnesses: 4 Indianapolis, IN 1500 Very Good 45" LeClerc Nilus II counterbalance loom, 6 treadles, Lots of metal heddles in good condition, Bench with storage, All wood is in great condition. Other accessories: A warping board (24x40), Several wooden boat shuttles with bobbins, A Stick shuttle. A box of Maysville carpet ward (various colors, mostly white and blue), Various reed hooks, Mattson Mora Bobbin Winder, Harry Fraser (Model 500) Rag Cutter. Contact Kristi, art4healing@gmail.com, 317-626-1298 art4healing@gmail.com
12/12/2018 Susan Wright Selling Loom Ashford width: 16", harnesses: 8 Northampton, Massachusetts 900 New 8 shaft Ashford Table Loom with Ashford stand. Brand new with 620 heddles. Used once. In mint condition. New it would cost $1300 - a $400 savings! And you don't have to put it together! Photos available upon request. weaveallnight@yahoo.com
12/3/2018 Matt Gallipeo Selling Loom Tools of the Trade 45" inches wide, 4 harnesses Granville, New York 600 Excellent 48" 4 harness, 6 treadle jack loom. Works great! Super sturdy and heavy! Made by hand in Vermont and numbered. I can help move/load - you'll need a van or pickup. vegandad@roadrunner.com
12/4/2018 cait Roy Seeking (want-ad) Loom Norwood/Gilmore or similar Weave Width:36+ Shafts:8 or more Palmetto, FLORIDA 1000 Excellent In search of an 8-12 shaft loom in south west Florida, or nearby. Norwood/Gilmore or similar heavy sturdy brand. caitroy90@gmail.com
12/4/2018 Daphne Jackson Selling Loom Fireside Fiber Arts Width:60 Shafts:10 Waterbury, Vermont 3500 Very Good Fireside Fiber Arts loom: 10 shafts, 16 treadles, double warp beam, worm gear, 60" weaving width in beautiful cherry wood, with matching commuter bench, raddle, lamp holder, reed, and extra wire heddles. Easy action, wide shed, light treadling, removable beams for easy threading. dljax@hotmail.com
12/2/2018 Trudy Davis Selling Loom Norwood Weave Width:50 Shafts:4 Port Townsend, Washington 900 Very Good Beautiful cherry wood loom 54 inches across. trudydavis@embarqmail.com
11/27/2018 Cadence Chance Seeking (want-ad) Loom Saori Weave Width:Na Shafts:N/A Alameda, CA 800 Good I am looking for a solid loom. I have some experience with Saori but am open to other manufacturers. sacredagon@gmail.com
11/25/2018 Susan Porada Selling Loom Dorset Weave Width:20" Shafts:4 Northampton, MA 450 Very Good 20" Four Shaft Dorset Loom, Direct Tie Up with 12 dent reed and 120 heddles per shaft. No rust, in really nice shape. loomlady59@yahoo.com
11/25/2018 Paul Matzek Seeking (want-ad) Loom Newcomb Weave Width:40 Shafts:2 Meriden, KS 5 New Needing the two A-brackets and pitmans for a Newcomb #3 fly shuttle rug loom. These attach to the beater assembly and raise and lower the shafts as the beater is moved forward and back. Can also use a fly shuttle ans some metal rag canisters. pmatzek@gmail.com
11/25/2018 Rosemarie Meagher Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:24" Shafts:16 Westminster, MD 2000 Very Good LeClerc Diana Compudobby 24" weaving width with 16 shafts. This is a table loom that converts to floor loom with optional stand and treadles (included). Comes with Pixie Loom weaving software and driver (although I use Fiberworks software and driver with it), Texsolv heddles, 10-dent reed, Brand new cable for computer interface. Very nice used condition. Pictures available on request sevenmeaghers@comcast.net
11/25/2018 Rosemarie Meagher Selling Loom Norwood Weave Width:40" Shafts:4 Westminster,MD 1500 Very Good Beautiful 40" weaving width, 4-shaft loom. Solid cherry, Inserted eye heddles, 5-dent reed, Matching solid cherry bench with storage and side pockets, Sectional back beam, Very nice used condition. Pick-up in Westminster, MD or delivery available within reasonable distance. sevenmeaghers@comcast.net
11/20/2018 Liz Oppewal Seeking (want-ad) Stand for 12 harness 28" table loom Mountain Looms Weave Width: Shafts: Grand Rapids, MI USA 100 Good Can be manufactured or home made, ideally with wheels or casters eoppewal@gmail.com
11/12/2018 Nicole Kelly Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 Blairsden, CA 2100 New Like new Nilus Leclerc jack loom with storage bench, warping board, accessories, extra heddles, manual. Weaving books available. nbkelly1020@gmail.com
11/10/2018 Mary Schmutte Seeking (want-ad) Loom Louet Weave Width:15.5" or 27.5" Shafts:8 Eustis, FL 900 Very Good I am looking for a Louet Jane or a 8 a shaft Louet Kombo loom would prefer with a stand but, will consider without for the right price. It would be nice to find one in Florida but, I am willing to pay shipping for the right loom. aussie2lov@msn.com
11/9/2018 Laura Bridges Selling Loom Jmade Weave Width:44" Shafts:12 Port Orange, FL 2000 Very Good Amazing Jmade jack style loom. Loom has 12 shafts and 16 treadles. Well over 1000 heddles on the loom plus at least 100-200 I ordered and never put on. Double warp beams. One sectional and one plain beam. Treadles can lock into place to mark your spot. Treadling this thing is super easy! Double back beam also. Has a 44" weaving width and overall dimensions are 63" wide 55" deep and 60" tall at the castle. Overall this loom is amazing! Lbridges8709@gmail.com
11/8/2018 Meredith DiPietro Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:22 inch Shafts:4 Coatesville, PA 700 Good This is a 4 shaft, 4 treadle, 22 inch floorloom in good working condition, perfect for a first time weaver or for those who don't have a lot of room. Some of its features are cloth front and back beams, ratchet and pawl locking, direct tie up, and added padding on the bottom rungs for ease of movement. I am including with it a castle tray, 100s of heddles, handmade rattle, lease sticks, weaving books, and reeds in the following sizes: 6 dent, 8 dent, 10 dent, 12 dent, and 20 dent. theurm25@hotmail.com
11/1/2018 Vanessa Damron Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht Weave Width:18" Schacht Wolf Pup Shafts:8 Brookings, OR or SoCal or NoCal 1 Excellent Would Like to trade my Schacht Baby Wolf with stroller, trap, raddle and high castle for a Schacht 8.10 Wolf Pup or possibly an 8 shaft, 20" baby Macomber. The baby wolf doesn't easily fit in my car. damrova@yahoo.com
11/1/2018 Vanessa Damron Seeking (want-ad) Loom Macomber Weave Width:prefer 48" or possibly 40" or 56" max Shafts:16 Brookings, Oregon or SoCal 1500 Very Good Wanted 45-55" weaving width, 16-20 shaft floor loom in good shape. Will consider a Macomber or other "Ad-a-Harness" with 16 or 20 frame without all the harnesses. Might consider 40" 12 shaft loom. Price depends on configuration & condition. damrova@yahoo.com
10/29/2018 Robin Coreas Seeking (want-ad) Loom Glimakra Weave Width:Minimum 40 inches Shafts:8 Washington, DC metro area 1 Excellent I am seeking a vertical countermarch loom, at least 40 inches weaving width. Prefer 6-8 shafts. robincoreas@msn.com
10/19/2018 Barb Peddie Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:42" Shafts:4 Madison, Indiana 2700 Excellent 42" Schacht counterbalance loom with 3 reeds, spool winder, warping mill, loopers and other weft. bpeddie@seidata.com
Custom width loom aprons up to 60" wide. Very heavy canvas, hemmed both top and bottom. Length is approximately 55" (can be ordered shorter). Since they are long, they can be re-sewn in the future without having to purchase a new apron. Example 36"  is $25 plus postage. Email Lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330.457.7551



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