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 Baby Wolf loom LOOMS and EQUIPMENT
Beautiful Schacht Spinning Wheel
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Date Listed Name Picture Sell / Seek Type Brand Details Location Price Condition Description Contact Email
7/20/2016 Eva Low Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36" Shafts:4 Oakland, Calif 1 Adequate Leclerc Nilus 4 harness, 6 treadle loom and some accessories and books- all available for FREE. About 25-30 years old. Will email pictures to interested parties. PICKUP ONLY eva.low@att.net
7/19/2016 Alison von Breitenfeld Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:40 Shafts:8 San Jose, CA 1500 Very Good Harrisville Designs 40" floor loom for sale. 8 harness, 10 treadles. Includes 10 and 12 dent reeds, lease sticks, raddle, loom bench and warping reel. Will email pictures if interested. contact at alisonvb@sbcglobal.net alisonvb@sbcglobal.net
7/19/2016 Heidi Kestner Kuchta Selling Loom Gallinger Weave Width:42 Shafts:4 Silver Spring, MD 750 Very Good Gallinger 42" cherry 4-H, 4-T counterbalance loom with sectional beam and extra wide treadles. Lovingly cared for, purchased in 1976 from Mannings in East Berlin, PA. Located in Silver Spring, MD. Accessories include steel 10 dent reed, hand spool winder, one ski shuttle, one stick shuttle, two boat shuttles, hook. Will not ship, but would deliver within 150 miles for gas money. $750 cash. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Heidi at heidimail@comcast.net or phone 301-651-3886 heidimail@comcast.net
7/18/2016 Judy Peterson Selling Loom Ashford Weave Width:24in. Shafts:4 Vacaville, CA 825 Excellent Ashford Table Loom and stand. Both fold up for easy transport and made of solid silver beech hardwood that is lacquered for long-lasting good looks. Stainless Steel reed and lightweight heddles are included.Stand with 4 treadles and 2 handy sheeves. Height from floor to base of the loom is 24 1/2 in. Loom is less than 2 years old and in excellent condition. jp151@att.net
7/16/2016 Jennifer Keeley Selling Loom Glimakra Weave Width:47 Shafts:8 Madison, WI 2000 Very Good Glimakra Standard Countermarche loom, 120 cm (47″) Glimakra Standard Loom $2000 Glimakra Standard Countermarche loom for sale. 8 shaft/10 treadle, 47" weaving width. Includes full set of warping sticks, one pair lease sticks, 12 dent reed, Glimakra adjustable bench, rubber feet, like new 32-51 inch orange Toika temple. This approx. 30 yr old loom is in very good, working condition. PayPal or cash, $2000.00. Madison WI. Contact me: catnapfiber at gmail.com catnapfiber@gmail.com
7/15/2016 JOANNE OSULLIVAN Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:60" Shafts:4 Ventura, California 700 Very Good Leclerc Nilus 60" Weaving Loom For Sale. 4 harness, 6 treadles. Includes brand new 8 and 12 dent stainless steel reeds (60"), 2" sectional beam, lease sticks/rods and bench. 1000+ Texsolve heddles and tie ups. This loom is easily valued at $1,000.00 or more with the add ons included. Must sell to make room for an incoming AVL loom that wants the floor space! This is an ideal loom for the new weaver and/or those looking to weave wider pieces- like fabric and blankets. $700.00 OBO. joanne.osullivan1958@gmail.com
7/15/2016 Annemarie Shell Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 Charlottesville, VA 500 Very Good Probably dates from the early 1980s. Purchased for asking price, but did lots of upgrades and improvements. Cleaned, tightened, several bolts and nuts replaced, replaced reed (12d), new cables. Fairly lightweight, so would not work for rugs, but anything else is fine. Recently wove set of kitchen towels, worked well and smoothly. Only selling because I just got my "dream loom," and only have room for one! nezumi88@yahoo.com
7/15/2016 Gloria Haefner-Gatti Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:60" Shafts:16 Double Oak, TX 3500 Very Good AVL Dobby loom, 60" weaving width, 16-shafts, with attached bench. Excellent condition and includes many extras. Features 4-box flyshuttle system, one yard sectional beam, electronic warp counter, automatic warp tension system, automatic cloth storage system, track and mount for tension box. Also includes 2000 heddles, stainless steel reed, 4 AVL end-feed shuttles, Softgrip beam cover and original instruction manual. Price $3,500 shipping not included. Please email g.h.gatti@gmail.com g.h.gatti@gmail.com
7/15/2016 Thomas Wiewandt Selling Gilmore Weavers Bench Gilmore Weave Width:0 Shafts:0 Tucson, Arizona 200 Excellent The Gilmore Weavers Bench is solid hardwood maple, matching the beauty and quality of Gilmore looms. Top is 13 ½"x 30". The bench is tilted to the front making it easier on your back and to allow comfortable treadle contact. Bench is 22 1/2"H in front, 23"H in back. Drawer slides through both ends for easy access. $365 if purchased new from Gilmore. Shipping not included in $200 price. Buyer may pick up item in Tucson or arrange for shipping. See photos of other items for sale. Tel.520-743-4848 tom@wildhorizons.com
7/15/2016 Thomas Wiewandt Selling Loom Gilmore Weave Width:54" Shafts:4 Tucson, Arizona 1500 Excellent 54" 4-shaft Gilmore hard maple loom with 10 treadles. This "Compact Series" loom, made in CA in 1987, has had only one owner, and its history fully journalled by Gilmore. These user-friendly looms feature floating type lams, heddles with large eyes for easy threading, and are easy to move. The warp beam comes off its brackets, and the back top beam folds, so loom fits through a standard doorway. Buyer must arrange for moving this item from weaving studio in Tucson. See photos for other sale items. tom@wildhorizons.com
7/15/2016 Michael Newberry Seeking (want-ad) Loom Union Weave Width:36 Shafts:2 San Antonio, Houston 200 Very Good Looking for a Union floor loom, 36 inches in width. Please send e-mails to shearblissalpacas@hotmail.com. My name is Mike Newberry shearblissalpacas@hotmail.com
7/15/2016 Thomas Wiewandt Selling Loom Gilmore Weave Width:40" Shafts:8 Tucson, Arizona 1800 Excellent 54" 8-shaft Gilmore hard maple loom with 14 treadles. This "Compact Series" loom, made in CA in 1991, has had only one owner, and its history fully journalled by Gilmore. These user-friendly looms feature floating type lams, heddles with large eyes for easy threading, and are easy to move. The warp beam comes off its brackets, and the back top beam folds, so loom fits through a standard doorway. Buyer must arrange for moving this item from weaving studio in Tucson. See photos for other sale items. tom@wildhorizons.com
7/15/2016 Susan Black Selling Loom Ashford Weave Width:12inches Shafts:8 Porterville, Ca 700 New For sale is an Ashford Katie table loom. It is 12 inches with 8 harnesses. It is folds up for easy carrying and comes in a carrying bag. It is brand new out of the box. Will ship. bblack1947@sbcglobal.net
7/12/2016 Ann Washburn Selling Loom antique Scandanavian made Weave Width:59inches Shafts:4 Woodbury, TN 500 Needs Work This antique loom was handcrafted in Sweden. It appears to be in very good condition, although it is missing a few parts. The spool reel and antique warping reel are included in the price. washntorah@gmail.com
7/8/2016 Tess Andres Selling Loom Gallinger and Tools of the Trade Weave Width:42 Shafts:4 Richmond, VA 500 Good This really is two looms and a lot of equipment. The large floor loom is a Gallinger 4 shaft counterbalanced loom with direct tie-up. The smaller table loom is a Tools of the Trade loom. There's also a warping board, warping reel and other accessories. E-mail me if you want to see more pics. tandres@7hillsschool.org
7/6/2016 Erica Voolich Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:48" Shafts:8 Boston, MA 2500 Excellent 48" 8H Ad-A-Harness Macomber Loom, multiple reeds, extra back beam for sectional warping voolich@gmail.com
7/6/2016 Erica Voolich Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:15.75" Shafts:8 Boston, MA 600 Excellent Barely used, 16" LeClerc table loom, comes with 12 dent reed. $600 voolich@gmail.com
7/6/2016 Joan Dewey Selling Loom Norwood Weave Width:30 Shafts:4 Traverse City, Michigan 550 Very Good SALE PENDING - 30 inch Norwood cherry loom with 4 shafts and 6 treadles, includes matching bench with storage, Texsolv cord tie-ups, extra heddles, and warping board. Ready to warp and weave. $550.00 robinswreath@charter.net
7/4/2016 Ruth Archer Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:48 Shafts:8 Dayton, Ohio 4000 Very Good Schacht Cranbrook Loom, $4000. 8 shafts, countermarche loom, 12 locking treadles, loom is 5'x7', weaving width 48", texsolve heddles, sliding threading bench, 2" sectional back beam, hanging tool tray, beater weight, tension rail, worm gear for tension, lease sticks, built in 2000. The Cranbrook is an excellent countermarche loom. I am selling to make room for another loom. archer.ruth@gmail.com
7/1/2016 Stacy Luck Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:0 Shafts:4 Campbell River, Canada 250 Excellent Didnt know much about this type of loom, was looking for a less complicated one to get started. It came with a conversion kit and instructions. I am the second owner, it is in great shape and about 50 years old. Comes with extra needles, heddles, reeds, shuttles and combs. stacy.luck@gmail.com
6/30/2016 Beverly Francis Selling warping mill Varpapuu Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A Metuchen, NJ 300 Excellent Vertical warping mill, Finnish birch, 70's from Varpapuu. Stable, sturdy base. Fast, smooth turning on ball bearings. Horizontal cross members allow 2 crosses and can be re-positioned. Roughly 50 yd capacity. 116" circumference; frame 66" H; 76" from floor to top of frame. Frame folds flat when not in use. $300 or B.O. Paypal or cash transaction. For pickup in central NJ (30 miles from NYC, 75 miles from Philadelphia) francis.beverly@gmail.com
6/30/2016 Beverly Francis Selling Loom Varpapuu Weave Width:60 Shafts:12 Metuchen, NJ 1500 Very Good 70's Finnish countermarche. Birch wood construction, functional, attractive. Underslung beater. Linen cord tie-up and string heddles, easily convertible to Texsolv. Breast and knee beams lift out for dressing and tie up. Metal pawl/ratchet brake. Footprint 72" w, 50" d. Whisper quiet, steady and sturdy for all fabrics, from rugs to lace weaves. Included: assorted tools, accessories. $1,500 or B.O. Paypal or cash. For pickup in central NJ (30 miles NYC, 75 miles Philadelphia). francis.beverly@gmail.com
6/29/2016 Theresa Daumer Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:38" Shafts:4 Franklin, Indiana 500 Excellent This floor loom is in excellent condition and is priced to sell. (Retails new for $1,950.00) Consider all the extras included: Brand new #10 dent stainless steel reed ($89.00) and raddle, various shuttles and other essential tools such as a tool to keep your selvages even (temple) and heddle hook, weaving pattern books and a warping board. Everything you need to get started or to move up from a rigid heddle loom. Width 36", collaspes to 22") tdaumer@gmail.com
6/28/2016 Kit Chase Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:0 Shafts:N/A Gainesville, Texas 400 Very Good This loom came from a Carmelite Monastery in Dallas. It was in excellent working order and use. The loom was taken apart and given to me to learn to weave. I have not had time to reassemble the loom or learn to weave. I would like to sell the loom and the books that came with it. I am asking $400 plus shipping costs, as is. Thank you. kittom@swbell.net
6/27/2016 Mary Anne Pearson Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:48 Shafts:More than 16 Burney, CA 7000 Excellent AVL Production 24 shaft Compu-Dobby 1 loom. Double box fly shuttles. Conversion kit to peg system. Back tension bar and tensioner. Upper sectional beam. I have pictures if interested. You need a laptop or computer to run the loom, or just use the conversion kit for the peg system and be computer free! Make an offer! sleybelle@gmail.com
6/26/2016 Bill Lipscomb Selling Loom Norwood Weave Width:40 Shafts:4 Mongo, IN 700 Very Good 40", four shaft, six treadle used Norwood Loom. It was made in Baldwin, Michigan. It weaves very well and I have used this loom for several years. I will gladly email pictures upon request. b_lipscomb@yahoo.com
6/23/2016 P. Mower Selling Loom Norwood Weave Width:28 Shafts:8 Cooperstown,NY 750 Very Good 8 harness Norwood loom in very good condition. Great size for towels and scarves. Email for a picture. ppmower@aol.com
6/21/2016 Cindy Bennett Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:0 Shafts:8 Sebring, Florida 600 Very Good Space for up to 10 harnesses. Case of thread, warping board, and bags of scrap material. Moving. Must go asap. tcbenne@yahoo.com
6/19/2016 Terri Standley Seeking (want-ad) Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36" + Shafts:More than 16 Seattle, WA 4500 Very Good Looking for a Weavebird II 24 Shaft, at least 36" wide. Will drive to pick up loom. standley4@centurytel.net
6/19/2016 Kathy Jones Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:36" Shafts:8 Gunter, TX 2800 Excellent Schacht Mighty Wolf 8H, includes a bench, high tower, two additional reeds 8 and 12 dent, three shuttles two of which are exotic woods and Leclerc wood temple all in perfect condition. Sorry no shipping, however will meet within a reasonable distance. New cost over $4,000 Photos available to interested party via email. needleartpeddler@gmail.com
6/19/2016 Jeannie Adams Seeking (want-ad) Spinning Wheel Schacht Weave Width: Shafts: Normal, Illinois 900 Very Good I am interested in purchasing a Matchless. Willing to drive a reasonable distance to pick up. Willing pay more for extra's. jmelsi3@aol.com
6/18/2016 Jerri Hert Seeking (want-ad) Horizontal warping mill Any brand Weave Width: Shafts: Dundee, mi 100 Good ISO Horizontal warping mill, either tabletop or floor model jerri@cass.net
6/16/2016 Tiffany Vanderhoof Selling Loom Oak Rug Loom Weave Width:40 Shafts:2 near Denver, Colorado 995 Very Good Solid oak 40" counterbalance rug loom, unsure of maker, folds for storage. Has sectional beam with 1" sections, missing 13 pegs. Two treadles, two harnesses. Email for more pictures. Must pick up near Denver, CO. Will not ship. $995 cash. tiffanyloy@gmail.com
6/16/2016 Kris Nei Selling Loom Newcomb Weave Width:48" Shafts:4 Bemidji, Minnesota 950 Very Good Weaver's Delight, warped and fully operational, comes with 4 flying shuttles, and 12 weft tubes, as well as the original red "pony" for filling tubes. It is in very good condition for the use it has enjoyed and has produced many extremely high-quality rugs, placemats, and table runners for four generations of original owner's family. It is serial number 7769. It has not been in use for 4 years since the passing of my mother. I need the floor space in my home and must sell. rmaway@gmail.com
6/14/2016 Sue Self Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:36 Shafts:8 Pocahontas, Arkansas 2000 New Save on shipping! Brand new 36" 8 harness, 10 treadle Harrisville floor weaving loom. Still in the original boxes! Plans change, life happens.......will now not be able to use this loom. Easy to move since still unassembled. Never been opened from factory. Please give this loom a new home. crkcraft@yahoo.com
6/8/2016 Anne Kopple Selling Loom Handmade Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 Grant County, WV 3000 Excellent A beautiful four harness, 45", counter-balance, six treadle, built by Edward T King, an Iowa cabinet maker, in the 1930s. The wood is black walnut obtained from released stored military supplies, which would have been used for rifle gunstocks. The original bench, a warping wheel, shuttles, spool winder, "A Handweaver's Pattern Book" included. Excellent condition. Located in Grant County, West Virginia. Contact Anne Kopple at 304-749-8133 or hkopple@frontiernet.net. hkopple@frontiernet.net
5/25/2016 Carrie Cowles Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:48 Shafts:16 Chaplin, CT 5500 Very Good $5500 1989 Production Dobby Loom from AVL, Compudobby I - has adaptor to hook up to modern computers. (has some of the manual dobby parts but not the bars, I have never used this and am not famililar with if all the parts are there), 16 Shafts with texsolve heddles, top mounted beater, double fly shuttle, one 1/2 yard sectional beam (I could include 2nd sectional for an additional $500), one plain beam, 3-4 reeds. Has back rail for mounting tension box/selvage rollers onto (but they are not included), includes raddle. This is a large loom, the main 'box' of it is roughly 60"x65" deep, with the back rail its about 85" deep, the fly shuttles stick out 22" on each side. In perfect working order, located in Chaplin, CT and you are welcome to come check it out anytime, it almost always has a warp on it. Available July or August, 2016. Contact - sugar_peas@yahoo.com sugar_peas@yahoo.com
5/21/2016 Michaella Sims Selling Loom Orco Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 Chandler, Indiana 550 Excellent Purchased from the Oriental Rug Company. 4 harness six treadle floor model Orco loom model 74. Has 4 warp shuttles no bench. Instruction books and all accessories included. In good shape, never used. Price $550.00 Cash only. Located at 111 Plum St. Chandler In. 47610. Phone 812-618-8240 preferred method of contact. Must pick up from this location. nurselady51@gmail.com
5/21/2016 Michael Taylor Selling Loom Kyra Weave Width:46 Shafts:4 North Wales, PA 800 Excellent 46-inch, 4 shaft 6 treadle Kyra furniture quality Cherry wood floor loom, matching bench with compartment. Original documentation, raddle, 11 yd warping board, led light bar to be mounted for lighting, 6 large warping cotton spools and other cotton for projects, 2 boat shuttles. PICKUP ONLY 11 Miles north of Philadelphia mtaylor@weavingmedia.com
5/20/2016 Kelly Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:56 Shafts:10 Near Baltimore, MD 2000 Good Macomber 56 inch ten harness, sectional beam loom with two stainless reeds, bench, extra heddles, $2000 or best offer. Two hours from Baltimore, Washington D C, Wilmington or Philadelphia. Good condition. Contact Kelly at sakusai9@gmail.com sakusai9@gmail.com
5/19/2016 Mary Ellen Seyle Selling Loom Macomber Weave Width:56 Shafts:N/A Waynesville, NC 3400 Excellent Macomber Ad-a-Harness Loom B4E-2341 . Beautiful condition! Loved and Lovingly used this 56" jack plate model was made in Oct of '76 and shipped with 4 harnesses. An addtional 6 ad-a-harness unit was purchased later to fill out the castle to 10 harness capacity. 12 pedals. Asking Price: $3400.00. Buyer is responsible for moving/shipping loom & equipment. Located in Waynesville NC. Serious inquiries only please. Email 2tizme@gmail.com 2tizme@gmail.com
5/19/2016 Erik Schmidt Selling Loom Cranbrook Weave Width:60 Shafts:8 W of Poughkeepsie, NY 3000 Very Good $3,000 Cranbrook Model J-60 8 shaft 10 treadle rug loom w/ bench. Excellent condition. Studio kept. Located 45 minutes west of Poughkeepsie, NY. e_a_schmidt@yahoo.com
5/19/2016 Erik Schmidt Selling Serger Juki Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A W of Poughkeepsie, NY 1000 Very Good $1000 Juki MO-735 Serger in like new condition. Studio kept. Barely used. Located 45 minutes west of Poughkeepsie, NY. e_a_schmidt@yahoo.com
5/19/2016 Erik Schmidt Selling Spinning Wheel Kromski Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A W of Poughkeepsie, NY 500 Very Good $500 Kromski Minstrel Spinning Wheel. Excellent condition. Studio kept. Well maintained. Located 45 minutes west of Poughkeepsie, NY. e_a_schmidt@yahoo.com
5/19/2016 Erik Schmidt Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:26 Shafts:4 W of Poughkeepsie, NY 1500 Very Good Like New Baby Wolf 4-harness loom. Studio kept and used for less than 4 months. Includes a boat shuttle and Wolf Trap to store accessories at front of loom. e_a_schmidt@yahoo.com
5/19/2016 Britta Swartz Selling Loom Glimakra Victoria Weave Width:27 Shafts:8 San Francisco, Calif. area 1250 Very Good Glimåkra Victoria 27", eight shafts table loom with legs. Condition: like new. A compact and very sturdy loom. Extras include ski shuttles (3), stick shuttles (3), boat shuttles (2), boat shuttle - 2 bobbins (1), warp sticks. Asking $1250 cash. Location: San Francisco Bay Area (Peninsula). Pick up or will discuss delivery within 50 miles. Contact Britta at biswartz@att.net biswartz@att.net
5/17/2016 Tom Zyrkowski Selling Loom Tools of the Trade Weave Width:45 Shafts:8 Near Chicago, IL 1000 Very Good 45 inch Tools of the Trade Floor loom. 8H 10T double back beam with sectional and plain. Friction brake. Texsolv heddles. Weighted beater and 4 weighted harnesses for rugs. Solid Cherry. 12 dent reed and 2 shuttles. Excellent condition and weaves beautifully. $1000. Located near Chicago. Additional pics on request. email Tom at: osiris157@juno.com . osiris157@juno.com
5/13/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Flax break Unknown Weave Width:N/A Shafts:NA NE Ohio, USA 65 Adequate Flax break, antique. $65 plus postage. Northeastern Ohio. Email lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330-457-8551. lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/13/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling spinning stool Unknown Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A NE Ohio, USA 95 Good Spinning wheel stool, $95 plus postage. Northeastern Ohio. Email Lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330-457-7551. lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/13/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Norwood Weave Width:37 Shafts:4 NE Ohio, USA 995 Good Norwood cherry loom (has no plaque saying it is Norwood so may be early model). Shuttles, books, sley hook, bench, yarns, lease sticks, extra reed, tray, folds. $995. NE Ohio. Email lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330-457-7551. lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/13/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 NE Ohio, USA 895 Good LeClerc Artisat 4 Harness, 6 Treadle 36"FOLDS, BENCH, original manual, lease sticks, warp sticks, Sley hook, shuttles, repair heddle, extra heddles, warping board available, already warped, $895. NE Ohio email Lambrugs@yahoo.com or 330.457.7551 for more info. lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/13/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Lillistina Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 NE Ohio, USA 450 Very Good Lillstina loom and bench in great condition, 4 H, 6 T. Note the great beam cranks. $450. Folds for easy transportation. Warping board is also available for purchase, Shuttles, Sley hook, lease sticks included. Texsolv heddles.. N.E. Ohio . Lambrugs@yahoo.com lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/10/2016 Tom Zyrkowski Selling Loom Structo Weave Width:45 Shafts:8 Near Chicago, IL 1200 Very Good Structo Artcraft Floor Loom, Model 816. 8 shaft 10 treadle. Solid maple. 45 inch max weaving width. Comes w/ sectional beam, plain beam, hexagonal beam with 19 metal spools of warp. Original 12 dent reed: Dated 1938. Original flat steel heddles. Excellent condition. Yes it's a Structo! Additional pictures upon request. $1200 firm. Located outside of Chicago. Contact: osiris157@juno.com or phone or txt. 847-894-5244. osiris157@juno.com
5/9/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 NE Ohio, USA 1095 Very Good LeClerc Fanny 36" 4-H, 6-T. Extra heddles, extra tie up cords, shuttles (boat, stick, ski), bobbins, sley hook, extra reed, raddle, books, lease sticks, yarns, sword, aprons back and front. Folds for easy transport, like new and beautiful. This is a tall loom. $1095. NE Ohio. Email lambrugs@yahoo.com or 330-457-7551 lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/9/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling Loom Schacht Weave Width:26 Shafts:4 NE Ohio, USA 1395 Very Good Baby Wolf by Schacht 4 now, 4 later, 10 treadle, extra heddles, books, 2 reeds,lease sticks, Sley hook, Reed hook, cardboard for back beam, shuttles, raddle, yarns, 2 warps ready to put on the loom, lease sticks, new warping board, $1395. NE Ohio email lambrugs@yahoo.com. 330.457.7551 lambrugs@yahoo.com
5/4/2016 Barb Gallagher Selling Loom Structo Weave Width:48 Shafts:4 Southeastern Indiana, USA 750 Very Good 48" Structo - 4 Shaft/ 6 Treadles - $ 750. Not many of these floor looms around, but this one is in great condition. It's a very solid heavy loom. There is one reed: 12 dent (not SS) but in decent condition. Both the warp and cloth beams have cloth aprons, Lots of flat SS heddles. All the cords are in good shape. This loom is ready to go! PICKUP Only! - located in Southeastern Indiana near Cincinnati OH weaving@etczone.com
5/4/2016 Barb Gallagher Selling Loom Herald Weave Width:48 Shafts:8 Southeastern Indiana, USA 750 Good 48" Herald - 8 Shaft/ 10 Treadles - $750. Gently used loom would be great for rugs, sectional or plain beam (turn the sectional pieces around), ratchet brake, 2 reeds: 8 & 12 dent - decent condition, but not SS, warping board, bench with storage under seat, PICKUP Only! - located in Southeastern Indiana near Cincinnati OH weaving@etczone.com
5/4/2016 Anne Giuliano Selling Loom Cranbrook Weave Width:48 Shafts:8 Billings, Montana 3500 Very Good Lovely loom in excellent condition. 48" width. 8H/10 Treadle with a double back beam. Treadles lock. 3 reeds (4,6 and 10 Dent). Also includes bench and hanging accessory shelf. Original chains and cotton heddles. Weaves like a dream, but I am downsizing and this is my largest loom. Must pick up or will meet within a 250 mile distance. Located in Billings Montana. $3,500. Email Anne at awgiuliano@gmail.com awgiuliano@gmail.com
5/3/2016 Sue Self Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:60 Shafts:16 Pocahontas, AR 2750 Very Good 60-inch production dobby loom features 16 harnesses - two beams; one a one-yard sectional and the second one a plain beam - adjustable built-in bench - auto-advance system - dobby box with pegs - single fly-shuttle box - two beater systems; one an overhead swing beater and the second one a bottom beater -weight bar for heavy warps - sectional warping system with yardage counter - polyester heddles for light action - three reeds - three shuttles and many bobbins - apron - manuals and tools. This loom can easily be converted to a compu dobby loom. Located in NE Arkansas. $2950. Please e-mail crkcraft@yahoo.com crkcraft@yahoo.com
5/1/2016 Tim Ackerman Selling Spinning Wheel Ashford Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A Nashville, Indiana, USA 650 Very Good Cherry stained Ashford Country Spinner II. This wheel has been lightly used and is in excellent condition. This is the NEW model which 3 different ratios. It can be seen and tried in Nashville, IN. The price is $650. Contact me at 317-941-3150 (text or call). phone: call or text
5/1/2016 Monica Kelly Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:45 Shafts:2 Maryland, USA 800 Very Good 45" Leclerc Tissart tapestry loom for sale with accessories (shuttles and weighted fork) $800. 42" Fireside traveling bench for sale $400. 40 minute drive from Sheep and Wool in MD. E-mail to Monica@monicakelly.com or Call Monica Kelly, 443-275-2801 monica@monicakelly.com
5/1/2016 David Eggebraten Selling Loom Newcomb Weave Width:36 Shafts:2 Colorado, USA 600 Adequate Loom for sale is as pictured. I believe it is a 2 harness 2 pedal Fair Loom by Newcomb. It is quite old and in original condition. I live in Colorado and would like to receive $600.00 for this loom. Please call David Eggebraten at 218-671-0472 for more information. dlegge68@gmail.com
4/29/2016 Walter Denmead Selling Loom Gilmore Weave Width:32 Shafts:4 Oakland, California 1500 Very Good Thirty-two-inch, 4-harness maple Gilmore floor loom with bench. One owner. Made in Stockton, CA. About 30 years old, but in great condition. (Check Gilmore website for pictures.) Lots of extras, including boat shuttles of various sizes. Located in northern CA. Email ellden@ix.netcom.com or call 510-530-4347. ellden@ix.netcom.com
4/29/2016 Walter Denmead Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:22 Shafts:4 Oakland, California 500 Very Good Twenty-two-inch Harrisville Designs 4-harness folding floor loom, very good condition. Bench and lots of extra stuff. Northern CA. Email ellden@ix.netcom.com or call 510-530-4347 ellden@ix.netcom.com
4/28/2016 Paula Williams Selling Loom AVL Weave Width:60 Shafts:24 Northwest Indiana, USA 6000 Very Good AVL compu dobby loom. 24 shafts 60 inches wide. Has a 1 yard sectional beam with movable spacers and a plain beam. Built in bench. Double fly shuttle boxes. Manuals and Weave Point 5 disc and manual. Lease sticks, reeds, raddle, tension box and misc. pieces. Texsolv heddles. $6,000 Located in Northwest Indiana. paulalynnwilliams@yahoo.com paulalynnwilliams@yahoo.com
4/27/2016 Cheryl Muckenfuss Selling Loom Harrisville Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 Cincinnati, Ohio 750 Very Good Harrisville Designs 36" 4 H/ 6 T, $750. LIKE NEW, 12 Dent Carbon Steel Reed (no rust; very good condition) 600 Flat Steel Heddles New style harness cables in addition to leather cables that are currently on the loom.I purchased this loom in boxes in Sept 2014; oiled and assembled it while adding the 6 treadle conversion kit to it. The leather cables are in perfect condition. Only had three warps on it. Great loom for weaving table linens, blankets, yardage etc. Contact for pictures. spin.weave.cherylm@gmail.com
4/21/2016 Barbara Quampegan Selling reeds, flax hackles Toika Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A Anywhere, USA 60 New Oddballs for sale with price listed or B.O.: Brand new, never used Toika Stainless Steel Reed 80cm/approx 20dpi 5" high ($60), Older Reed 39" 16dpi ($25), Antique (very old) Flax heckles - single ($80) and double (this one has beautiful chip carving with metal bands) ($180), I also have 1 very old handmade reed that is wood...literally all of the dents are wood too! You may never see one of these again...and I would not use it but it is pretty! ($50), Contact: Quampegan@gmail.com for pictures. These can be shipped and I will charge whatever it might cost. quampegan@gmail.com
4/21/2016 Gayle Ioakimedes Selling Loom Gilmore Weave Width:40 Shafts:8 San Francisco, Calif. 1100 Very Good 40" 8 harness loom plain beam # 10 reed. Excellent condition solid maple Gilmore loom. Purchased in 1977 and never used. Was stored in unused bedroom, so is in perfect condition. Includes beam crank, sley hook, and two heddle transfer rods, and original instructions.For pick up only, in the SF Bay area. $1100 firm gayleioaki@gmail.com
4/17/2016 Emilie Pritchard Selling Loom Glimakra Weave Width:47 Shafts:4 Panama City, FL 2000 Very Good Loom has a shaft switching lever platform and warp extender per Peter Collingwood specifications and is a great rug loom. It also has sectional warping Included are loom bench, temple, 5-dent reed and 2 ski shuttles, so you're ready to weave. I've made several modifications to the loom for better rug weaving, but I have all the unaltered Glimakra equipment if you prefer. I have many more pictures and can give you lots of information. Just call 850-763-1028 or email. To see pictures of rugs woven on this loom, go to emiliepritchard.com or visit http://www.eporiginals.blogspot.com emilie@emiliepritchard.com
4/8/2016 Susan Bolender Seeking (want-ad) Loom Schacht Weave Width:36 Shafts:4 Southeast, USA 1 Very Good I am looking for a Standard Schacht floor loom - 36" weaving width, in very good condition. I would also be interested in a Mighty Wolf floor loom. I would be able to pick up the loom anywhere in the southeast. I live in central Florida. ssbolender1@gmail.com
4/8/2016 Frank Reiter Selling Spinning Wheel Ashford Traveller Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A Bloomington, Indiana, USA 500 Very Good Ashford "Traveller spinning wheel, very good condition with lots of spools and different flyers to get various spin ratios. http://www.ashford.co.nz/products/spinning/product/traveller .. Will accept $500. frankrjr777@gmail.com
4/8/2016 Marita List Selling Loom Hillcreek Triloom Weave Width:84 Shafts:N/A near Kansas City, MO, USA 395 Very Good Adjustable Hillcreek Studio Triloom and tripod stand, adjusts from 3-7 feet! It is very well made and stained a beautiful golden oak. Very heavy. Used once. Located north of Kansas City, MO area. Please contact: mmlist55@yahoo.com. Asking $395, OBO. May consider trade for table loom. mmlist55@yahoo.com
4/8/2016 Marguerite Girton Selling drum carder Strauch Fiber (Finest, chain drive) Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A Seattle, Washington 750 Very Good Lightly used drum carder in excellent condition. Save $110.00 - new, $860.00 from Strauch Fiber company. I am moving in June and don't use this enough to justify keeping it. girtonml@gmail.com
4/6/2016 Linda Bertanzetti Selling warping rack LeClerc Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A Northeastern Ohio, USA 385 Very Good LeClerc vertical reel. Vintage, very large. 100" around. Wind warps 40/50 yards. $385 plus shipping. Very nice label. 2 sets of dowels for crosses. 330.457.7551 email Lambrugs@yahoo.com. lambrugs@yahoo.com
4/6/2016 Camilla Stege Selling Loom Newcomb Weaver's Delight Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 Sullivan, Maine 950 Very Good Very sturdy four-shaft Weaver's Delight loom with added shaft-switching platform and warp extender. This is the best rug loom I have ever used. It is a cam loom so the shafts are pushed up and remain up until the batten is pulled and the shed is changed. No treadles and one weaves standing. I weave very heavy wool rugs on linen warp under high tension. Located in Maine near Acadia National Park. Reason for selling: retirement. Price: $950 includes about 12 yards of doubled 8/5 linen warp on warp beam. Please contact me for photos and more information. cam.stege@gmail.com
4/6/2016 Ann Schlabach Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:45 Shafts:4 Aztec, New Mexico 600 Good Le Clerc Nilus II Jack Style Loom, 45" wide, with six treadles. This is an older loom that has been well treated. The only things missing are the set of 8inch treadle hooks, a reed hook, a heddle hook, and a bench. Included is a single boat shuttle. Local pickup. Will consider delivering within a reasonable distance. annkelleylcsw@yahoo.com
4/5/2016 Lisa Charron Selling Loom Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom Weave Width:32 Shafts:2 Monson, MA 1000 New Ashford 32" Rigid Heddle Loom and Stand, almost new, used twice, includes, loom, stand, double heddle kit, double heddles in sizes 7.5, 10, and 12. Also comes with Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle,Weaving, Revised Edition, several pick-up sticks in assorted sizes and flat wood bobbins! Also have all assembly instruction book in original packaging along with the boxes it was shipped in. Will ship if buyer agrees to pay shipping cost. $1000.00 or BRO. Contact: harborli@outlook.com if interested. I will consider all offers. harborli@outlook.com
4/3/2016 Marielle Snyder Selling Loom Shannock tapestry Weave Width:86 Shafts:9 Bainbridge Island, WA 4500 Very Good Shannock tapestry loom. Solid oak, 91x91 inches. In great condition, just cut off my last piece. Comes with 9 sets of harnesses, tool tray, one extra set of treadles, rattler etc. Must do your own shipping and handling. Contact: Marielle Snyder Bainbridge Island, WA. 98110 206-842-5070 Marielle@cantizac.com Marielle@cantizac.com
3/30/2016 Sue Wallenberg Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:38 Shafts:4 Jay, Oklahoma 74346 400 Very Good 4 H, 6 T, 38" weave width maple loom. Possibly a Gilmore X, but no label on the loom. Beater has a built in shuttle race and treadles are nicely spaced for easy of operation. Loom has been thoroughly cleaned and weaves beautifully. Folds for storage. Extra heddles, 15 dent reed. Disassembles easily for moving. $400 OBO. Pick up only - located in Jay, Oklahoma. Email: geonsue520@gmail.com geonsue520@gmail.com
3/23/2016 Janice Jones Selling Spinning Wheel Louet S75 Weave Width:N/A Shafts:N/A Bradford, Maine 450 Very Good In great condition, original owner, maybe 20-25 years old. Well cared for. Includes skein winder, built in lazy kate, original flyer and 3 bobbins. $450. Also available for this wheel- WooLee Winder (shown in photos) with 6 bobbins. $375.More photos available. Bradford, ME jnbjones@gmail.com
3/22/2016 Nell Turgeon Selling Loom LeClerc Weave Width:45 Shafts:12 Delmar, New York 3500 Very Good Colonial Leclerc with 12 harnesses and 14 treadles. It was bought in mid-1990s and is in excellent condition. Weaving width - 45. Insert-eye heddles - about 2250 on the loom and 250 extra, 54" 10-dent reed. Price for loom, bench, all heddles and a 54" 10-dent reed asking $3500, with pick up in Delmar, NY. We have other weaving supplies available to sell, if interested. Spool rack and various kinds of shuttles etc. nturgeon@alabu.com
3/22/2016 Janice Jones Selling Loom Unknown Weave Width:60 Shafts:2 Bradford, Maine 1800 Very Good Beautiful Swedish tapestry loom no longer made. 60" includes a built in warping board at back. Two treadle sets. Loom is disassembled and has been stored in a spare room for years. A search online will find many photos and reviews. jnjones@gmail.com


Thick terry sock loopers, lots of off white, some colors and white. $1.25 per pound plus postage. Minimum 30 pounds. Email lambrugs@yahoo.com 3-31
Vintage bobbin winder, $35 plus postage. Email lambrugs@yahoo.com 3-31
5 rigid heddles, $10 each plus postage. Email lambrugs@yahoo.com 3-31

Yardage meters, $30 each plus postage. Email lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330-457-7551. NE Ohio. 3-31
Inkle loom, $50 plus postage. Email lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330-457-7551. NE Ohio. 3-31
Lilliloom, small multi-use loom. $145 plus postage. Comes with info about the loom printed in a catalog. Email lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330-457-7551. NE Ohio. 3-31
   Four DVDs, three unopened. Tom Knisely, instructor at Mannings. Retail $140, selling for $99 plus postage, NE Ohio, Email Lambrugs@yahoo.com  3-17

Glimarka umbrella swift. New in package. $79 plus postage. NE Ohio email Lambrugs@yahoo.com 3-25
Swedish bobbin winder. New. $95 plus postage. NE Ohio    Lambrugs@yahoo.com  3-25

New wool winder  $39 plus postage NE Ohio email Lambrugs@yahoo.com 3-25
New fringe twister and yarn gauge $19 plus postage  NE Ohio email Lambrugs@yahoo.com  3-25

Penelope tapestry loom New. Includes Sley hook, 2 reeds, original paperwork,   2 stick shuttles, LeClerc book I Weave, You Weave, $265 plus postage NE Ohio email Lambrugs@yahoo.com  3-25

Schacht warping mill.   Horizontal. New. With new warping paddle. $325 plus postage. NE Ohio email Lambrugs@yahoo.com  3-25
Weaving loom helper. Front casters, two shelves. Holds accessories. $65 plus shipping NE Ohio email Lambrugs@yahoo.com 3-25 Rag Rug Handbook..NEW .....out of print $40 plus postage. Email Lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330.457.7551.
Three weasels or skein winders $85  each.   All still make the "POP" sound. Pickup NE Ohio email Lambrugs@yahoo.com  6-23
Vintage yarn winder or weasel...yes, it still goes pop $100 plus postage.   Lambrugs@yahoo.com  or 330.457.7551  Posted 3-26

Swedish bobbin winder $89 plus postage. Lambrugs@yahoo.com or 330.457.7551  Posted 3-26

Custom width loom aprons up to 60" wide. Very heavy canvas, hemmed both top and bottom. Length is approximately 55" (can be ordered shorter). Since they are long, they can be re-sewn in the future without having to purchase a new apron. Example 36"  is $25 plus postage. Email Lambrugs@yahoo.com or call 330.457.7551



FINE PRINT: This page of listings is a free service of Homestead Weaving Studio LLC, which has no monetary interest in the sale of these items, unless otherwise noted. We are not responsible for the content of any of the ads on this page and transactions that result from these ads are solely the responsibility of the advertiser and not Homestead Weaving Studio LLC. The transaction is between the seller and the buyer, so BUYER BEWARE. Please contact the person whose email address is given with the listing if you have any questions.

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