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Homestead Weaving Studio
Yarns, Spinning Fibers, Looms & Spinning Wheels

Homestead Weaving Studio is a small, family-operated business 
in Brown County, Indiana, which creates unique handwoven household items and clothing, and specializes in making rugs from recycled material. 
Realizing the need for good, affordable weaving and spinning supplies,
we've begun offering a wide range of yarns and  rovings through our cyber business. Browse through our pages and contact us by e-mail if there's something you wish to purchase. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible.
For other weavers and spinners, we carry a wide selection of fibers and will ship internationally.
We also do small dye runs of handpainted yarns for weavers and knitters and rovings for spinners.  

Cotton/poly rug warp
Rayon chenille
Mill ends, knitting yarns, sockloops and rags for rugs

    Spinning Fibers
Wool, Mohair and Silk for spinning

Looms, Spinning Wheels and Equipment

Schacht Looms, Wheels and Accessories

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