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Meet the Gustins

The four Gustins in 2000 .... and in 2010

As we recently passed the 14-year mark in Brown County, Indiana, we stopped to reflect
on the changes that have taken place in our family.
 Erin graduated cum laude from USI with a bachelor's degree in psychology in 2001
and completed her masters in 2004 and her doctorate in Clinical Psychology
at Spalding University (Louisville) in 2008.
She is a doctor at Hazelden Clinic in Chaska, Minn. 

Erin at Minnehaha Falls, 2012                                  
photo by Rachel Miske

Andrew in 2012

 Erin, 2008

Andrew, 2006

Andrew graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with a major in geology
 and is working on his master's degree while working at the Indiana Geological Survey as an environmental research geologist. He recently bought a house in Bloomington where he lives with his two cats.
He graduated from Brown County High School in 2002 where he was one of
the top students in his class.

After nine years as managing editor, in 2008 Bob was named editor of The Republic newspaper in Columbus, Ind., where he worked with a staff of about 35 editors, reporters and photographers and wrote  a column each Sunday.   He retired on May 6, 2011, one day after his 60th birthday, and now spends his time on gardening, home improvement projects and helping Chris with the weaving studio.  He volunteers with the Brown County Literacy Coalition. He spends his spare time woodworking in the pole barn and sequestering himself in the basement, where he turns old vinyl records into CDs and CDs into MP3s.

Chris spends time building her Internet business, realizing that some of her customers do not want to travel to the wilds of Brown County, Indiana. Weekly, she ships packages to customers around the county, and occasionally to far-off lands. She's become well-acquainted with the UPS man, the mail carrier,  and people at the post office.  Her work is available at stores across the U.S. and at Spears Gallery in downtown Nashville, IN.

In 2008, Chris was  juried into the Indiana Artisan program,  a state-wide program t
o establish a brand that gives meaning and recognition to high quality, Indiana-made goods.
Her handwoven rugs are wholesaled to shops around the US.
Chris' business is located in a 1,500 sq. foot weaving studio near the house.
 It is constructed mainly of native Indiana poplar. Yarns and
fibers are constantly being organized, but Homestead Weaving Studio
also houses looms, spinning wheels, tons of yarn and spinning fibers
along with books and weaving equipment. With the addition of the "loom
room" in 2007, there is a wonderful classroom space and day
lessons and weaving and spinning instruction are being offered.

Family History

Bob and Chris were married one unseasonably warm and sunny day Dec. 1, 1973, in Colorado Springs, Colo. Chris (Diener) grew up in Lansing, Mich., attended Everett High School and graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in journalism. After trying life in New York City and East Berlin, Penna., she traveled to Boulder, Colo., to teach weaving at a small shop there. Bob grew up in Colorado Springs and met Chris while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he also obtained a journalism degree.

Both worked at the Colorado Springs Sun, he as a copy desk editor, she as chief photographer until moving in 1974 to Scottsbluff, Neb., where he was a reporter and later news editor at the Star-Herald. Chris worked as a copy editor at the newspaper before resigning to begin Homestead Gallery, an arts and crafts supply store in downtown Scottsbluff.

Erin was born April 4, 1979, at Scottsbluff, and spent her early days as a shop rat.

The Gustins moved to Evansville, Ind., in 1982. Bob took a job at The Evansville Courier before moving to The Evansville Press in 1986, where he was managing editor until the newspaper closed on Dec. 31, 1998, the victim of an expired Joint Operating Agreement. He retired in 2011 as editor of The Republic in Columbus, Ind. Chris spent some time raising a family and getting her weaving business restarted before rejoining the journalism world with a copy desk job at The Press in the late '80s. She "retired" from the Press as lifestyles editor when the paper closed.

Andrew was born Aug. 18, 1984, in Evansville, and spent his early days honing his baseball skills with a Wiffle ball in the front yard.

Both Erin and Andrew were excellent students at Marrs Elementary School, where Erin won the sixth grade spelling bee, and Andrew placed fourth in the same contest. Both inherited their mother's singing ability, and have participated in choir and drama activities.
Andrew also excelled in baseball and soccer.

Other members of the family include cats named Abhi, Andy, Smitty, Pike and Blackkitty.

We'd like to hear from old or new friends, or make some cyber-acquaintances. Give us an e-mail.

Email: Bob bgustin@gmail.com

Email: Chris chris@homesteadweaver.com

Email: Andrew derelict17@gmail.com


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