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Homestead Weaving Studio
 Weaving and Rugs

For more information, please visit indianaartisan.org.


Homestead Weaving Studio is a small family-operated business in Brown County, Indiana, near the tourist mecca of Nashville,  which creates unique household items and clothing, and specializes in making  HAND-WOVEN RUGS from recycled material. The supplies we use for our rugs are byproducts of  other industries, where they are considered "scrap."   Our mission is to keep this usable material  from the waste stream and to turn it into functional fiber art.   We do custom spinning, dyeing and weaving and work with clients and interior designers to create special pieces of art.

Chris was featured in an article in the Indy Star on the Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour, Oct. 12, 2014.
Her weaving was featured on the cover of the 2010 Indiana Travel Guide.
An article about the studio appeared in H&L magazine in June 2010.
She was featured in an article in "Emerging Horizons - Accessible Travel News" in 2010.
In October, 2008, Chris was selected as an Indiana Artisan.
In February 2008, Chris was featured as an artist "Insight: Artists share their insights about recycled art"  in The Crafts Report magazine.
In the June, 2007 Midwest Living magazine, Chris' weaving and studio were included in an article called "Nurture the Spirit."
The fall/winter 2007 issue of "The Weavers Friend" featured Chris in a front page article.
Our rugs were featured in an article, "Rags to Riches" in the Sept/Oct. 2003 issue of Natural Home magazine.

Take a YouTube tour of Brown County, Indiana and then we invite you to visit our beautiful area in America's heartland, "The Art Colony of the Midwest."



We got our rug, safe and sound.
It is the most beautiful rug I think I have ever seen! I'm not kidding... it's so soft and the colors do wonderful things under our lights. It reminds me of the forest floor!
Thank you, thank you for your skilled work and artistry!
My husband said to write "we love it!"
The three month old is busy drooling on it as we speak :)
Noe W., Pennsylvania
"The beautiful hanging came on Wednesday and I had it up already when my husband got home from work.  It was SO FUN to wait in the kitchen while he went upstairs to change and then came right down!  Such a fun surprise!  I LOVE IT! He just said how perfect it was...just what we always wanted for that space.  ... Chris, thank you so much for bringing to life, in such a beautiful way, what was in my head.  I am so lucky to have been able to partake of your talents."
Heather P., Michigan
 Our double-wide sockloop rug has color inclusions to match the customer's dishes and measures 9 feet by 10 feet to fit under her dining room table.


We are a proud member of the Green Business Network and have been honored for our recycling efforts by the Brown County Solid Waste Management District. 

Homestead Weaving Studio
6285 Hamilton Creek Road
Columbus, IN 47201

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