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Sectional Warping System from Homestead Weaving Studio
My unique warping system consists of a special spool rack, plastic lease reeds and lease reed holder that I have developed specifically for sectional warping. The parts work together and the lease reeds don't work with a regular spool rack. I have not previously advertised these systems here on the website because I prefer to have people come here to learn to use it and see all the advantages.  It eliminates the need for a tension box and is adaptable to all the sectional beam looms I have.
I have the racks made by woodworkers in the area and I sell the system for $350. I do not want to ship these units because a box has to be built for them (additional $50) and then you don't get the hands-on lesson.
This picture shows how it sets on the back of a loom. The only other equipment needed is a 4" C-clamp.
I have received many requests for more information since mention of the system was posted in CrazyAsALoom's blog and on weaving at yahoo groups.

I hope this answers the unanswered questions.