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What's on the looms at Homestead Weaving Studio?
Wall hangings, clothing, rugs and scarves!

New wallhangings!


Homestead Weaving Studio is now open for classes and "day weaving" ... especially tailored for visitors to our area who would like to experience the artisan lifestyle of Brown County and have something that THEY made to take home with them. Click the rug in the box on the right to see what's on the looms for the month. Day weaving fees are also listed. Contact us to reserve a time that you'll be visiting and wish to "make it and take it."

Click here to see the list of  looms and projects.

  18" black rug warp

  28" Hollywood Design rug

   26" clothing fabric

"With uncertainty that I'd be able to do this, I signed up for a beginner's weaving class.  Chris met us with a warm welcome and friendly smile, and immediately put us at ease with her looms and possible projects.  She was a very patient and encouraging teacher, and even patched up my "goofs" so they don't show.  I absolutely enjoyed my half day under her guidance." - Sharon P. - Ohio

 Union 26" neutral rug warp

Click to see more pictures of day weaving students and their finished projects.

 "I completely enjoyed my first experience with weaving thanks to Chris.  The weaving environment was peaceful and relaxing.  The completed project is beautiful and warm!  I will do this again next time I'm in Brown Co.  Thanks Chris! - Kathy M.

Sam Riggs, 11, shows his first weaving after a day at the studio.
What to expect at a "day-weaving" rug class:
We start with picking the colors of fabric for the rug you want to make. Then I show you how to “plan” a rug and we pull the pieces and lay out the design. Next is putting the material on shuttles and a short “how-to” on weaving with the material you’ve chosen.
Once you get the hang of the weaving process, I leave you alone to work, checking on you every 10 minutes or so and advancing the warp when you need it.
When you’ve finished the rug, I show you how to put in the header thread, add some scrap fabric to hold your rug in place, and I cut the rug off the loom and tie the knots for you.

The cherry Norwood is being sectionally warped with multi-color carpet warp for
a series of twill rag rugs. This warp has long since been woven off the loom, but I'm leaving the picture for those who are interested in my method of sectional warping.       


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