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Colorful Potholder, Coaster, and Rug Loom Kits!

4 sizes


Loom Size



Retail Price

 Baby Loom Kit
Loom without kit 

12 pins per side

~4" x 4"

0.8 lb in kit

no loops or hook

Kit - $46.00
Loom only- $36.00

Traditional Loom Kit
Loom without kit

16 pins per side

5.5" x 5.5"

1.1 lb in kit

no loops or hook

Kit - $47.00
Loom only- $37.00

Hybrid Loom Kit
Loom without kit

20 x 16 pins
per side

7" x 5.5"

1.3 lb in kit

no loops or hooks

Kit - $48.00
Loom only- $38.00

Jumbo Loom Kit
Loom without kit

20 pins per side

7" x 7"

1.5 lb in kit

 no loops or hooks

Kit - $49.00
Loom only- $39.00

Jumbo Potholder Rug Kit

20 pins per side

28" x 35" Rug

3.25 lb loops, two hooks,
tube of carpet warp, needle


Sunshine Braided/Woven Rug Kit

no loom

24" x 36" Rug

4.5 lb sewn socks
tube of carpet warp, needle


Sock and Looper Rug Kit

no loom

at least 24" x 40"

3 lb sock scrap, 1.5 lb loops


      Feb. 2, 2022

Looper Loom Kits are a fun and easy way to create custom coasters, potholders, purses, rugs,
or whatever you can dream up. Great for kids and adults alike; no experience necessary.
People love to give them as gifts and keep them for their own collection.
Each kit contains everything that you need to create at least 8 colorful weavings:
Handcrafted wooden looper loom, aluminum crochet hook, metal weaving hook
(for Jumbo and Potholder Rug kits only),
ample cotton blend sock loopers and detailed instructions.
 Looper refills can be purchased in assorted or specific colors and blends.
Check out our Artist Blends and color charts below.

Unlike other metal and plastic loom kits on the market, these looms are made from solid wood
with smooth metal pins to help hold the loops in place and prevent injury.
Each loom is handmade with care in Indiana, and is built for durability and ease of use.
While other kits come with a small amount of loops in limited colors, these kits include a generous supply
of natural cotton blend loops in a variety of colors.

The Potholder Rug Kit, Sunshine Braided/Woven Rug Kit, and Sock and Looper Rug Kit are not limited
by the potholder size. With the Potholder Rug Kit and additional refills you can create and connect potholders
to make a rug as big as you wish. The Sunshine Rug Kit comes with balls of a multicolored cord
made from cut and sewn socks, certain to create unique braided or woven rugs!
The Sock and Looper Rug Kit includes sock scrap which can be cut and looped or sewn
to create strips that can be woven on a floor loom.
The quality cotton blend loopers and sock material originate as a byproduct of the sock manufacturing process.

You won't find better quality looms anywhere. Order our kits and looper refills today!
Currently shipping to U.S. addresses only due to weight of our product and the high cost of international postage. Sorry!~

 Traditional Loom Kit

Color Choice

 Jumbo Loom Kit

Choice of Colors
The best of both worlds!
 Hybrid Loom Kit
Color Choice
Specific Color Choices:

 Baby Loom Kit

Color Choice

 Potholder Rug Kit with Jumbo Loom
(Comes with a jumbo loom, 3.25 pounds of loops, a small tube of carpet warp and tapestry needle
for sewing pieces together, crochet and weaving hooks, and instructions.

Choice of Colors
Specific Color Choices:

Instructions for our Potholder Rug Kit and Braided Rug Kit

Instructions for Potholder Kit

This link opens a printable sheet of instructions for making a potholder

Unique colors for weaving!

 SUNSHINE Braided or Woven Rug Kit

 Comes with a small tube of carpet warp, a tapestry needle, and 4.5lb sewn and cut sock scrap. The socks are assorted colors and randomly sewn. The material is provided in three equal balls ready for braiding, or they can be wound onto a shuttle and woven on a floor loom. Refills for the kit, in case you want to make a larger rug, are available for $12 per pound. Contact us by email to order the amount you want.

different sized potholder looms
Potholder Looms - 4 sizes


Solmate Sock & Looper Rug Kit

This kit contains pieces of defective sock scrap and toe clips (loopers) from the factory that produces Solmate Socks. With a little bit of work, these materials can be processed so that they can be either woven or braided, depending on how you prepare the contents. Kit includes 3 pounds of sock pieces and 1.5 pounds of colored loopers and instructions.
Colors are assorted.



Jumbo Looper colors available in bags of mixed sizes and colors. Artist blends are also assorted sizes in mixed bags.
Traditional or Baby Loopers
Only Available in Assorted Colors and types of loop
Round loops for Traditional and Baby looms, mixed colors and sizes
  With color names
Weight Choices
Colors & Artist Blends

Weight Choices
Color Choices

Cotton blend Sock Loops for Potholder Looms from
Homestead Weaving Studio

Looper refill bags now come in assorted colors and sizes. The Jumbo assortments will contain clean loops in a variety of sizes to fit most Jumbo and Traditional sized looms. There is a special assortment which will fit our Baby looms and most Traditional looms.

Please Note: The jumbo loops are intended for use with the looms we make but will fit SOME but not ALL 9" to 10" potholder looms that have 20-22 pins per side. These loops may not work with Harrisville Pro, Cottage, Craft Sanity, or Cindwood looms.**

These loops have been cleaned and sorted by hand and are ready to use. Color availability varies.

**Sorry, but we do not accept returns on loops. Be sure that our loops will work with your loom before ordering.

Artist Blend Samples to show color ranges
potholders and looms

Garden of Hope Artist Blend -
Limited Collection, Spring 2021-22

Serenity Artist Blend -
Limited Collection, Autumn, 2020-22

Winter Woods Artist Blend -
Limited Collection, Winter 2020-22

Jumbo Assorted
Colors change according to what socks are being run at the factory.

Dusk Blend
Autumn Blend

Earth Blend

Christmas Blend

and what will we think of next???
Look what one of our customers made with 35 potholders!
and there are over 100 potholders in this rug! 

Questions? Email Us!