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Cyber Dish Towel Exchange  ~ 2007

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Linda Dixon

 Chris Gustin

Julie Hurd

Annie Mayo

Auburn, AL

 Columbus, IN

Bellaire, MI

Western Australia

~ Click on any thumbnail to see detail of the towel ~

 Penelope Morgan

Claire Packer

 Karen Pfundtner

Judy Read


Warwick, RI

Oconto, WI

Williamsport, PA

 J.D. Rich

Sharon Schulze

 Linda VanAndel

 Heather Vandervelden

Sheridan, MT

Durham, NC

Ellsworth, MI

 Mesa, AZ



 Phyllis Vinson

  Bebby Weigand



Virginia Beach, VA

 Delray Beach, FL




Some of the weavers submitted towels on more than one warp or with multi-colored wefts. These towels are representative of the weaver's work.

Updated November 10, 2007.
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 by Chris Gustin