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Great Cyber Dish Towel Exchange

We have coordinated 11 cyber dish towel exchanges since 1995 with weavers from all over the world. More than 350 different weavers have taken part, with more than 2,300 hand-woven dish towels being exchanged. Rules for the exchange are posted with the size and fiber specifications.
NOTE: I have decided that I don't have time to host any more exchanges and don't foresee that situation changing. Fortunately, a willing soul has stepped forward to coordinate an exchange in the winter of 2011.
You can contact her by Email or by joining the Yahoo group, wovendishtowels ... the group will be reserved for people who have taken part in previous exchanges or who are taking part in the current exchange.
Check the towel rules page for the requirements.

 It has been a wonderful experience for me and I greatly relish my collection of 200 hand-woven dishtowels.

 Click on the links to the left to view weavings from the previous exchanges. I will continue to host these pages because I have heard from other weavers that they love being able to look through the pictures of the dishtowels.


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