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Cyber Dish Towel Exchange

The towels shown here were part of the Spring Cyber Dish Towel Exchange which took place in April, 1998.

All 36 exchange towel
Click on the small outlined pictures to see more detail of the towels.

    Mary Beth Carey.Mary Beth Carey.Mary Beth Carey.Mary Beth Carey.Mary Beth Carey.Mary Beth Carey.Mary Beth Carey.Mary Beth Carey.Mary Beth Carey.

    Deborah Palmer.

    Cindie Kitchin.

    Adele Satori.

    10-H plaited twill towel by Jeanne Seitz.

    Lace by Joyce Schwartz.

    Ann Tomes's towel is all hearts.

    Integrated plain weave towel by Nancy Klockson.

    Margaret Small from Australia.

    A summer/winter half-unit towel by Collyer Ekholm.

    Basket weave and herringbone towel by Chris Gustin.

    Fancy Diamond Twill towel by Charlotte Allison.

    Lynn Creamer.

    Evelyn Oldroyd.

    Miriam Arachne.

    Lili Goczal.

    Marie Burgett.

    This towel was woven by one (or maybe all) of the "Magnificent Seven."

    Connie Harding wove her towel out of linen.

    Ute Bargmann.

    Bernie Schampel

    Pat Zankman.

    Chenille towel by Cathi Boronkay.

    Ramie towel by Lisa Schweitzer.

    Mark Stevens.

    Nineteenth century blanket weave towel by Nancy Rodrigues.

    Plaid towel by Charlotte Winter.

    Melissa Carpenter.

    Twill towel in chenille by Nancy McKenna.

    Jo Miner's twill and plain weave towel.

    Julie Headlee.

    Joan Dwight.

    A "Simple" towel (one of 18!) by Joy-Lyn Blake.

    A "Simple" towel with handpainted weft woven by Billie Robb.

    Seersucker towel by Bobbie Irwin.

    Loris Epps.




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