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Cyber Dish Towel Exchange  ~ 2005

Nicki Bair

Kristin Bergsten

 Katherine Cranston

Chris Gustin

Santa Monica, CA

Chapel Hill, NC

Coquille, OR

Columbus, IN

~ Click on any thumbnail to see detail of the towel ~

Karen Leckart

Penny Morgan

Lance Myler

Claire Packer

Los Angeles, CA

Boynton Beach, FL

Potsdam, NY

Warwick, RI

 Karen Pfundtner

J.D. Rich

Billie-Ann Robb

Margaret Toth

Oconto, WI

Sheridan, MT

 Medford, OR

Spartanburg, SC


Some of the weavers submitted towels on more than one warp or with multi-colored wefts. These towels are representative of the weaver's work.



Bebby Weigand




Delray Beach, FL




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