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Beginner Kits for Weaving, Spinning, Tatting, Braiding,
& DVDs for Warping, Sock Knitting

Jumbo 10"
Potholder Loom Kit

Traditional 8"
 Potholder Loom Kit

Jumbo 10" Potholder Loom Kit
(Contains 10" wood potholder loom, crochet hook, weaving hook, instructions and enough bright-colored cotton loopers to make at least 8 potholders!)
(Only shipping within the U.S. unless additional shipping fees are provided)
Choice of Colors
Specific Color Choices:

Cotton Potholder loops in two sizes for use with the Jumbo 10" Potholder  or traditional 7" potholder loom
Choose the quantity and colors you want!
Please Note: At the present time, we are out of stock of JUMBO LOOPS in the following colors which prevents us from filling orders for individual bags. We will update this list when the colors become available. OUT OF STOCK: Cream, Tan, Dark Yellow, Golden, Lime Green, Royal Blue, Rose Red, Sky Blue, Lichen Green.

Weight / Amount
Loop Sizes (Kit Type)
Select Colors or Artist Blend
Traditional 8" Potholder Loom Kit
Contains 8" wood potholder loom, crochet hook, instructions, and enough bright-colored cotton "junior" loopers for 8 potholders
(Only shipping within the U.S. unless additional shipping fees are provided)
Color Choice
Specific Color Choices:

Visit our "Potholders" page to see color charts and order forms for individual colors of loopers for the potholder looms.

 Hybrid Loom Kit

Choice of Colors
Specific Colors:
 Baby Loom Kit

Color Choice
Specific Color Choices:
Potholder loops - These smaller loops work great with the metal or plastic looms you have stored in your attic because you couldn't find good loops! OUT OF STOCK: Royal, Orange, Black
We recommend you use these loops with our TRADITIONAL 7" loom when you need to order more. Choose the quantity and colors you want!
Weight / Amount
Choice of Colors
Specific Colors


Loopy Potholder Rug Kit
 with Jumbo Loom

Comes with Jumbo Loom, 3.5 pounds of assorted color loopers (or you can request one of our Artist Blends), carpet thread  for sewing together, and instructions.
Choice of Colors
Specific Colors:

Solmate Sock & Looper
 Rug Kit

This kit contains pieces of defective sock scrap and toe clips (loopers) from the factory that produces Solmate Socks. With a little bit of work, these materials can be processed so that they can be either woven or braided, depending on how you prepare the contents. Kit includes 3 pounds of sock pieces and 1.5 pounds of colored loopers and instructions. Colors are assorted.


Braided or Woven Rug Kit

*Comes with thread, a tapestry needle, and 4.5lb sewn and cut sock scrap. The socks are assorted colors and randomly sewn.
Tatting Kit - (Improved!)

(Contains tatting shuttle, pearl cotton, illustrated instructions and history of tatting - please note, tatting shuttle is now tortoise shell plastic)


First Loom Kit

(Contains loom, yarn, detailed instructions and loom accessories)
Loom: 8.25" x 9.75"


Lucet Kit
Used to make a braided cord

(Contains lucet, yarn and detailed instructions)


Drop Spindle Kit

(Detailed instructions, drop spindle, starter thread and natural or brown roving)




First Knitting kit

Includes 8" wooden needles, yarn and instructions


Beginning Crochet Kit

Includes yarn and size G crochet hook

Beginning Weaving Projects Book

history of weaving, instructions for basic weaving, patterns, projects, and weaving terms. This book is a great companion to the colonial loom and my first weaving loom.

Instructional DVD - How to Make  hem-Topped Sock on a Circular Sock Knitting Machine, self-produced by KarenintheWoods.

Instructional DVD - How to Warp a Sectional Loom, self-produced by KarenintheWoods


Beginner kits include yarn for first project, tool, and complete instructions.
Interested in other kits? Let us know!

To purchase any of these kits by check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MC, or Discover), email chris@homesteadweaver.com with a list of the kits you want and your mailing address. We'll compute the postage and get back with you to arrange payment. Postage charges are computed by Paypal for United States purchases. If you live outside the U.S., please contact us for shipping estimate before making your purchase. Thank you.