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Rustic Braided Rag Rugs


Presented by :   KarenInTheWoods

Karen Pfundtner, Oconto WI   pfundt@gmail.com

As taught to me by Cher Alexander,

what she learned at the knee of her Great Auntie.

For these great Rustic Rag Rugs,

all you need are strips of rags and a scissors. 

NO loom, NO sewing, NO tools

Choose your method of cutting strips Take 2 strips about 3 ft long. 
Tie 2 strips into a loop
 Snug up but not too tight.
(one is green in photo for
 illustration purposes)
Weaving Method: Using far right strip, weave it Under Over Under other 3 strips from right to left

Next take far right strip weave across snugging up each strip and weave across again 
Take next far right strip,   weave across again, opposite of row before. Keep going  till 12 -14" long for center strip of the rug  (about 1/3 of desired length


Now it is time to turn a corner…
shaping as you go. 

This next method now has you tucking the tail into the previous row and snugging up tight. 

When turning the bottom corner, skip every other tuck in to put more sections per curve.

Keep work laying flat, if starting to curl, you need more sections on your curve. 

Soon your strips will run short. Photos show how to join up the next strip. Try to stagger joins so they do not occur all in one section. Work with as long a strip as your are comfortable ... about 3-4 feet long.

After two rows of 4 strands, take a long strip and tuck through a center loop to make strands 5 and 6 ... after going all around the oval using 6 strands, then add one more to make strands 7 and 8. Go until rug reaches size desired. Taper off one strand at a time, making the oval shape work out evenly.