Possible Scammers list of email addresses

These email addresses have been reported as sending suspicious emails to people who have had items for sale on the used equipment page. If you receive an offer from them to buy something you have for sale, you should not transact business with them. The most recent suspicious emails are being added at the top now. I recommend that you report the perps to the company they have email with if you receive any scam offers (i.e. gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.). Please note that these are most likely alias names. Once they realize their cover is blown, they will just change to another email address. In the meantime, I'm hoping it will help prevent someone from being scammed. You can search for a name on this extensive list by opening a search box on your browser (control F). Here is a recent example of a scam email from Pastor Chris:
Thanks for your reply,Concerning my inquiry,Am quite comfortable with the condition of the item since i won't be making any repairs on it. I'm making an offer of $2500 and I will add $50 to it for keeping it for me, Please provide your full Name, Address your Phone number for payment.I am paying by Check. It will take few days for payment to get to you. As per pick-up, I will make arrange for the pick-up after payment has been received by you.I hope it is in good condition,kindly get back to me with your name,phone # and mailing address where payment will be sent.I will let you know how i intend to pick it up.I would have loved to come check it out but i am presently away on a business trip,so you can send me pics of the item so that i can know it is in good condition. I would appreciate it if you take the posting off the site today and consider it sold to me.As for the pick-up,it would be handled after you receive your payment. Thanks. God Bless You

January, 2020

Joseph Aaron aaronjoseph0007@gmail.com
Kevin John (My name is GARY) johnkevin212545@gmail.com

December, 2019

Ava Smith talk2ava4luv@gmail.com
Joseph Dale pwma4man@aol.com
Rob Greaves robgreaves1978@gmail.com
Cyril White cyrilwhite1963@gmail.com
Zoe Spencer zoespencer@aol.com
Rhonda Burns Realtyrhonda@gmail.com

November, 2019
Williams Janet jjwilliamss1000@gmail.com
Mayfield Ellis mayfieldellisss77@gmail.com
scott turner gen2rule17@gmail.com

October, 2019
Gloria Stevens
Anna Williams chatwitanna2000@gmail.com
Nicky Zubi  zubi4real01@gmail.com
robert Habert roberthabert51@gmail.com

September, 2019
Frank Morgan  frankmorgan1771@gmail.com
Todd Gavin todd.gavin5010@gmail.com
Yolanda Colon  yolandamcolon@gmail.com

August, 2019

Tracey Maxwell  talk2metracey@gmail.com

July, 2019
Rose Mary rmary1869@gmail.com
Albert Martin ebcrainge8@gmail.com
pastor chris  homeduty80@gmail.com (reappearing from our 2016 list!)

Timothy Walker tiwalkerg895@gmail.com

June, 2019
Brent Rogers brentrogers2020@yahoo.com
Aaron Lundy lundyaaronxx7@gmail.com

May, 2019

chris ussery chrisussery111@gmail.com

April, 2019
Williams Janet jjwilliamss1000@gmail.com
bryan dickson dicksonbryan458@gmail.com

March, 2019
pamela Carter pamelacarter725@gmail.com  Reappearing on the list from last fall ...

February, 2019

Effie Donald effddonal@gmail.com
Jeffrey Brama jeffbram58@aol.com  Has been sending stolen checks in payment for equipment. VERY BAD
NAPA PAINT brianmarvin949@gmail.com
Patrick Harald pathar500@gmail.com
effie Natal effie73f@gmail.com
John Roberts t.roberts011@hotmail.com

December, 2018

Micheal Pfeffer michaelpfeffer12@gmail.com

November, 2018

Peterson Jackson petjackson@datarocket.net
Sarah Engler bisolayowon@gmail.com

October, 2018
Rob Lee Pickford robleepickford@gmail.com
Hannah taylor ht627334@gmail.com
Brian Marvin brianmarvin949@gmail.com
Rosemary Thomas trosemary007@yahoo.com
Christopher Elliot simlim0101@gmail.com

September, 2018
pamela Carter pamelacarter725@gmail.com

August, 2018

Burleston Onstottbudbhpbifrlpi@aljahufoundation.org
Jim White jimwhite93@outlook.com

Kim Zate kimzates@gmail.com

July, 2018

Keleni Liku <lbaravilala60@yahoo.com>
Claudia Thomas <clautho232@gmail.com>
Rady Simmons

June, 2018
Laci Rodne <rodnelaci@gmail.com

May, 2018
Julianne Schafer schaferjulianne@gmail.com
Brian Marvin
Jeff Turner jeffturner180@gmail.com

February, 2018:
Billy jean bingjinn@gmail.com
Nick Depina bobbycupp2@gmail.com
Angela Staszak angela.staszak08@yahoo.com
kellyandy3366@gmail.com kellyandy3366@gmail.com
January, 2018: Thomas Fink thfinks@gmail.com
Alex Anderson alexanderson6082@gmail.com
Effie Natal effie73f@gmail.com
December 2017: Brian Marvin
Henry Jit
Paul Owen
Robert Hoffman
Jeff Turner

October 2017: Charles Mogul mogulcharles@gmail.com
James Fisher mrjfisher1@gmail.com
Lee Hamp theroar1962@gmail.com

Pat Johnson patjohnson293011@gmail.com

Brightney Cloward brightney.cloward@yahoo.com
Charles Mogul charlesmogul070@gmail.com
Paul Gerard p.gerardinv@outlook.com
Roger Perry rogerperry879@gmail.com
Jeff Turner jeffturner180@gmail.com
Mayfield B Ellis mayfieldb68@yahoo.com
<Pheller1000@outlook.com> ; 
lasern ulrik <laserulrik@gmail.com>
person using the name of TD Ameritrade Inc. <michaelglazeroffice@gmail.com> ; michaeljonesss1973@outlook.com
August 2017:
kenneth freeman
david alanwalker53@gmail.com


Larry Jit <larryjit666@gmail.com> or <larryjit669@gmail.com ;  Caroline Rock
- <crockinc@outlook.com>   Derek Koch    <derekkocch@gmail.com>;

July 2017: Alex Jones <alexjones2930@gmail.com>  Charles Mogul <mogulcharles@gmail.com>   Morgan Frederick <morganfrederick98@gmail.com>
June 2017:
Bill Anderson <discoveryelitetravel@gmail.com>;  John Adamczyk <johnadamczykgrr@gmail.com> ; Brian Uerkwitz <uerkwitz@gmail.com> ; Kim Serim <kimserim3@gmail.com> ;
Eka Wesenberg [mailto:ekwesenberg@gmail.com] ; Barry Heriberto <bh41127@gmail.com>;  Harvey Tolar <harvey01010@gmail.com>
May 2017:
Bernand Bounds <bernand.bounds@mail.com> ; <alanwalker.david@yahoo.com> ; Brian clinton <bclinton296@gmail.comsofea Amanda <amandasofea360@gmail.com> ;
Peter Colton <petercolton758@gmail.com> ; Ryan Mills <ryan.mills4950@gmail.com
Kenneth Choi <choikenneth26@gmail.com>

March 2017: Edward Williams (willias09@gmail.com); Maco Lili (Pupi) lilimaco309@gmail.com;  Marc Peller <mpeller17@gmail.com> ; Dr. James Hopkins <drjameshopkinsspecialist@gmail.com> (Don't be fooled by this one~!)
February 2017:  Jessie Coles <
jcolesbertrand@gmail.com > Dr. John Friday < johnfriday002@yahoo.com>
January 2017: Gary Eduardo  <gduardo8@gmail.com> Julia Ranney <juliaranney883@gmail.com>  Kelly Benson  <drkellybenson2000007896@hotmail.com> (He's BACK~!)

December: Joseph Reitz (reitz2020@outlook.com or ibejustice.ng@googlemail.com) new 12/20 note that .ng is the country designation for Nigeria ...
nicolas Thomas (nicolasthomas675@gmail.com)
  Marissa Villarreal <danielle32911@outlook.com> 

Edward John <boss2donpac@hotmail.com>
  Jessica Parker <parkerjessica00@gmail.com>

November: Jessica Parker <parkerjessica00@gmail.com> 

October: Vanessa Haynes      haynes.v@mail.com  Alexandra Jones <alexandrajones875@gmail.com>  Ed Moons  <edmoons526@gmail.com>
September: James Collins <jc158021@gmail.com>; Mike Hayes <ceo.president1@hotmail.com>; Logan Aiden <loganaiden1@hotmail.com>

August: John Mit
Jessica Parker <parkerjessica00@gmail.com>  Mark Tyler <marktyle56@gmail.com>  Ella Muyari Green  <ellamgreen19@gmail.com>

July: Richard Weeks  <efccngr008@gmail.com>;  Richard Weeks <gap.vanrichard@gmail.com>;  morris macjay <morris macjay@yahoo.com>; Brad Baker <luv4brad@gmail.com>

Debbie Winn <speed2891@outlook.com>

June 2016:    bobby berly65 <bobby.berly65@yandex.comJamie Kelly" <jkelly1242@gmail.com "Steven D Lunn" <stevendlunn03@gmail.com; kelly benson kellybenson2000007896@hotmail.com; Rox William <loto20162016@gmail.com> Nick richy <nickrichy001@gmail.com>;  Tyler Geoff <tylergoff209@outlook.com>  Moses Joe <mosesmary4us@gmail.comChristopher Boot <christopherboot8@gmail.com>

April: David James <silentheart980@yahoo.es>

March: Joe Crane <cranejoe9@gmail.com> michael Phillip <mp8909843@gmail.com>; Donna Lody <donnalody2010@yahoo.com>

February: Walter Irby <walterirby43@gmail.com>  Mickie Powell mic112248@gmail.com

January: joel_william200@hotmail.com<mayejohn26@yahoo.de> pastor chris <homeduty80@gmail.com>

December: Betty Tyler <t.betty0201@outlook.com>; Moses Joe <mosesmary4us@gmail.com>

October: hanna klimuk <askhannaklimuk@gmail.com>:; Jonathan Hole<jonhole365@gmail.com> Michael Peterson michstar67@yahoo.com;
Mohammed Abdul-Hamed michstar67@yahoo.com

July: kellybenson29999999999@hotmail.com or drkellybenson

June: Toby Castner: castnerm2m@gmail.com;  Kenny Smith <kennysmithh@gmail.com>; Turriff Murray <turmurray1@gmail.com>

April: Coby Myles: cobymyles24@gmail.com Thomas Scherff <tsche566@gmail.com>

March: Razak Mustagish <razak.mustagish@outlook.com>

February: andrejames546@gmail.com;

January: Jim Ovia jimovia52@gmail.com    ;
Hanna Klimuk  h.klimuk1@gmail.com ;
 garymoore014@hotmail.com ;
"Jim Beil" <jinnymn05@gmail.com
Fred Anthony" <fredanthony222@gmail.com>

 December: Roy Sway swayroy@gmail.com
September: Zubi Zarreta
zubi4love56@yahoo.com ;

August: "Mrs. Smith" keems1980@gmail.com; Moore Greens moore.greens1@hotmail.com;  Peter Mark [mailto:petermark20000789@gmail.com]
Laraba Machar <larrabamachar@hotmail.com>  Greg Hall grhall001@gmail.com;

July: larrabamachar@hotmail.com ; scott turner <gen2rule20@gmail.com>;

May: Mercurio Hart <hartmercurio@yahoo.com>

November: Martin Smith: <myjoyisunlimited3@aol.com >;  Wayne Garcia <waneway2008@gmail.com>

October: paul smith <paulsmith206@yahoo.it>; ROX WILLIAM <roxwilliam70@gmail.com>

September: Chester Parker [mailto:cp12729@gmail.com ]; Fred Anthony <fredanthony222@gmail.com>  Andrew Dan <andrewdan@outlook.com>

August: Zubi Zarreta <zubi4love56@yahoo.com>;

February: "John Williams" <smile4john001@aol.com> Mark Benson, onelord04@gmail.com; John Holmes <howardscott31@aol.com>

January: HOWARD NOLAN" <lwkmd77@gmail.com>; Melody Duffy <melllodydt@hotmail.com>

December: Wilson Greg" <wilsongreg928@yahoo.com>

Edward Chong <edychong1966@gmail.com>

August: Hayt Powel haytpowel@yahoo.com

July: Roland Brain roland.brain200@yahoo.ca

April: George Russel <russel.george@ymail.com>

March: Mike James <goldeneagle2@telkomsa.net> Theresa  wiseone2020@aol.com    bruce.olic@gmail.com

February: Dan Gary dangary38@yahoo.com   Specter Jones specterjones201020102010@gmail.com  lawrenceflanders@gmail.com

 January: Sarah Purry:  purry1234@rediffmail.com

December: Gucolin Brown: gucolin010@gmail.com

November: Peter Raymond p_raymond@live.com

October: Ann Smith a.s00068@yahoo.com ; Siriorn Wanitchottayanont swanitc@ncsu.edu ; richard.maxwell88@yahoo.com ; Mandy Maxwell  mxwllmandy@aol.com Babs Gred babsgred@yahoo.com ; chriswood10@live.com

September:  sara cloward claracloward01@gmail.com ; chad roy <chadroy2009@hotmail.com>; Paul Morgan paul.morgan112@gmail.com ; Elise Stewart estewart_007@yahoo.com; wayne.james2011@yahoo.com ; scott-bally01@live.com ; adrianhings22@gmail.com ; morganpark28@yahoo.com ; andrew_markk01@yahoo.com ; Tony Hunt midexs@gmail.com ;

August, 2011:
Rufus Miller <dbrm1124@yahoo.com; Eric Douglas  ericdouglas99@gmail.com; gracestrinc@gmail.comspecter jones jones.specter2000000@gmail.com ; donald.bill291@gmail.com ; jimmyban118@yahoo.com

July, 2011: brian joseph <fibincs3@gmail.com>

June, 2011: mercyhonest24@yahoo.ca; harvestjohn26@yahoo.ca; mercyneeds@yahoo.com

May, 2011: hernandezz@blumail.org (offering to SELL loom) ; larry_schreiber40@yahoo.comtomjefferson101@gmail.com; d.helmick2011@gmail.com; chad_biglife@yahoo.com; honeyjohn27@yahoo.ca;

April, 2011: elton_gilliard@lavabit.com; chadroy2009@hotmail.com ; radwrd@gmail.com

March, 2011: Greg Mark gregmark81@gmail.com

January, 2011: Kyle Smith lieonad@yahoo.com ; mcdanielsmith11@aol.com (suspicious emails); elton.gilliard@gmail.com ; underwodrobert@gmail.com ;

November 2010: lillians_w1@yahoo.com

October:  chris.walt00@googlemail.com ; elton_gilliard@lavabit.com ;

September: karin80kovecses@gmail.com (emailed person placing "wanted ad" offering to sell something)

August: benard.sand@yahoo.com;

February: bsandcares@gmail.com ; raywinkel50@gmail.com ; nathanjones1920@yahoo.com ; frank.mark63@gmail.com ; joyce.smith76@gmail.com ; dvdosgood@googlemail.com; thaecy Samuel <thaecy_4abide@yahoo.com ; travis00justin@gmail.com ; ron.modesty@hotmail.com ;

January: bensons.johnn@gmail.com; johngaffney077@gmail.com; jeiyungcheng@gmail.com; mrkjonson5483@gmail.com; ricoh_james2317@live.com;

thomas.evans05@gmail.com; robert.randy05@gmail.com

December: liberonmario@yahoo.com; palearls2pk2@yahoo.com ; remedytexltd2@gmail.com ;

November: rolandspaul@gmail.com

September: petersonmike14@rocketmail.com

August: ffrancis010@gmail.com

July, 2009: terryjohn.thorpe@gmail.com; charlysino@gmail.com; jhnrobinson002@gmail.com;
2004 - 2009:  mark.anderson@hotmail.com, harreis_geroge@yahoo.com
cokermoore@yahoo.com, pastorchrist_bless@yahoo.comperry_rudywil@yahoo.com lindsay_hern@yahoo.com, lazarus_brain@yahoo.com, larry_store@hotmail.com, bryanleone@hotmail.com, allisonautos@yahoo.com, spencereal@yahoo.com, fredmartin0001@yahoo.com, saubanlekan@hotmail.com, osramslam.107@fastermail.com;  perfect_shippingco@yahoo.com, christene_spencer@yahoo.co.uk, edouglas@katamail.com, tblazers3@yahoo.com; p.abascal@blackburnmail.com mabrey_richard@yahoo.co.uk, dijames1960@yahoo.com, mark_cole_231@yahoo.com.uk, emislarry2005@yahoo.co.uk, nicola_louise01@yahoo.co.uk; swimlike50@gmail.com, james212@virgilio.it; l.sualter@blackburnmail.com; f.keller@blackburnmail.com; harrigranholm@hotmail.com, parker_owo19@yahoo.comfree_2green@yahoo.com; susan_wate200@yahoo.com, jscotautos@hotmail.com; smith_done@hotmail.com; barister_bob_tom@yahoo.com; cherry@bikerider.com; colelinda04@uymail.com; lord_kings007@hotmail.com; tomjonesindustry@yahoo.co.uk; eric_moore925@yahoo.com; Terry Smith (ddevilfamily@yahoo.com); dbrucce11@yahoo.com; lisa_marcus002@yahoo.com ; dbrucce@gmail.com ; ife_shanky2@yahoo.com; atyahuu05@yahoo.com; stevestafford@fastermail.com; rickowen2@yahoo.com; k_moore01@yahoo.com; eddie22001@yahoo.com ; dammyluvgday@aim.com ; bob_by_rude@yahoo.com; rapheal4taylor@yahoo.com cole252365@yahoo.com; bryant_hoare4all@yahoo.com ; cocoa4lite4@yahoo.com; sherfcom@yahoo.com ; paul_lee0001@yahoo.com ; jawilliams_02x@yahoo.it ; billjohnson_07@yahoo.com; raylee072@yahoo.com ; al.stowe@yahoo.com ; peterguida02@yahoo.com ; kuduru2001@linuxmail.orgkuduru4@yahoo.com ; callsmithy@gmail.com; markfrank1vv1@yahoo.it (3-02-08); glenns4good@yahoo.com; james4sure223@gmail.com (6-4); br_nicolas88@yahoo.com; tneal74@gmail.com (7-9); Steve Richards autoworld08@yahoo.com (7-15); w.water08@yahoo.com (7-26); larrygarison@yahoo.com (7-28)  vincent_ben202020@yahoo.es (8-16) ; erinlamoureaux@ymail.com (8-20) kevenclusman@yahoo.com; luisincgill@gmail.com (9-6); tomrobinson1111@gmail.com 9-11; parkes23k@yahoo.com  9-21; estbrad1@yahoo.com 9-25; shippermore@yahoo.com 9-30; petermoses@moses.org; markwright200@yahoo.com 10-10;

pelomaker@gmail.com  10-27; b_stefari@rediffmail.com 10-29; pelomaker@rediffmail.com 11-1; casperb2k@gmail.com (11-3); eyepod214@yahoo.com  11-4; Mabel Smith <msmith73302@yahoo.com> 11-4

atkins23k@yahoo.com  11-30; jabbar_aron@yahoo.co.uk (2-4) billicy@rocketmail.com 4-6